The mystery of the missing courier and the charred van, the loading of luxury bags worth 500 thousand euros and the strange phone call

Nicolas Matias Del Rio, the courier who disappeared in Santa Fiora in the province of Siena and whose traces were lost last Wednesday, called his employer before his disappearance. Police are investigating the theft case after Del Rio's burned-out van was found yesterday, May 24. The 48-year-old man from Abbadia San Salvatore had loaded bags worth around 500,000 euros into the vehicle.

The strange phone call before disappearing

Del Rio called his employer who was in Piancastagnaio. As Il Messaggero reports, he told her that there were people who wanted to talk to her. They introduced themselves as managers of another company and asked if the courier could make a delivery for them. The contractor reportedly gave the go-ahead, but then realized the company mentioned in the phone call had been closed for some time. So he tried to call Del Rio again to ask for clarification. But the 48-year-old's phone was switched off.

The discovery of the empty van

Two days later, the van Del Rio used for deliveries was found completely burned. The vehicle had been abandoned on the road to Roccalnegna, in the province of Grosseto. It was in the open countryside and there was no longer any trace of the goods on board.

Theft investigation

On May 22, Del Rio loaded bags produced by a local company for a luxury fashion brand into the van. According to the police, it was a theft and they do not exclude that the courier was kidnapped. However, Del Rio's role remains to be clarified, with investigators not ruling out any hypothesis, including that the courier could be complicit in the theft of the goods.

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