False will of Silvio Berlusconi, arrested in Colombia Marco di Nunzio: the investigation into the promise of 26 million, yachts and villas

Marco di Nunzio was arrested in Colombia for the affair of the mysterious Colombian will of Silvio Berlusconi. The Turin entrepreneur in fact posed as the Knight's heir and beneficiary of part of his property. Meanwhile, Milan prosecutor Marcello Viola and prosecutor Roberta Amadeo have closed investigations into di Nunzio's request for trial on charges of forgery of a will and attempted extortion against Berlusconi's children. The investigation revealed how the 55-year-old man allegedly made three different forgeries, signed on September 21, 2021 in the offices of the “Notaia Primera de Cartagena – Bolivar”, with which the legacy of “cash, company shares, boats and real estate “Estate”, i.e. 26 million, a yacht, villas in Antigua and 2% of Fininvest.

The story

Di Nunzio, who over the years has sent numerous warnings to the heirs of the founder of Forza Italia, also tried to deposit the first two wills in the notarial archives of the Lombard capital. Subsequently, he wrote theHandle, would have formed the third will in which, compared to the two, his signature and the mention “universal heir” would have been deleted. This last document was filed by the 55-year-old himself, in the summer of 2023, with a notary in Naples. Berlusconi's five children denounced him to lawyer Perroni and launched an appeal for judicial seizure of the property, which was not accepted by the Milan court.

Threats, witnesses, international letters rogatory

During an episode of the TV program ReportsIn October last year, Di Nuncio also threatened to release the documents on Berlusconi and take legal action to obtain his inheritance unless the heirs “give him a sum as settlement”. For these statements, investigators also accused him of “attempted extortion”. To shed light on the matter, in the investigations – carried out by the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Guardia di Finanza, there were: seizures at the notary, but also the listening of texts – including this one by Marta Fascina – to reconstruct where Berlusconi was on the day of the signing of the “Colombian” will.

In addition, an international commission was carried out to acquire the declarations of the Colombian notary and the certifier of the translations of the wills and the acquisition of a copy of the documents of the civil case. According to cross-research, it appeared that Cav., at that time, at the end of September, was not in Colombia but in Arcore. According to prosecutors, the Turin businessman would have tried to “coerce” “the autonomy of the knight's children over their father's inheritance and, if necessary, also to obtain a sum to silence his claims” .

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