In the in Anglo-Saxon culture the spring break week is called “spring break” and has academic origins to give students a break. In France, the ski week in mid-March is the most famous and in The Spring Festival in Japan takes place between late March and early April when the school year ends.

This tradition does not exist in Italybut the proximity between Liberation Day and Workers' Day sometimes offers the opportunity for a break and for this year, where holidays like June 2 and December 8 are absorbed by weekends, there is a lot of waiting for the so-called “mega-bridge” on April 25.

According to a study carried out by large hotel chains, among the most requested destinations, as well as the main international tourist destinations and cities of artthe Italians expressed a preference for Sicily, Veneto and Ligurian Riviera.

If last year they were 17 million Italians left between April 25 and May 1In recent weeks, more and more travelers have already booked, while others are waiting for news of weather information after an Easter which, at least in half of the peninsula, offered an autumnal atmosphere.

Compared to 2023, in fact, the reservation figures confirm generalized growth, with a +14% compared to the previous year in stay requests. by couples it's a +27% on family and small group reservations.

The majority of travelers will stay in Italy and, as tradition dictates, Among the most popular destinations are art cities. Obviously essential: Rome, Venice and Florence, while Siena is also attracting strong interest. The South loves them Naples and Lecce, while among the regions those of sea ​​like Sicily, Liguria and the Romagna Riviera. However, one important trend that is increasingly growing should not be underestimated, namely desire. to avoid the phenomenon ofovertourism and choose locations perhaps less known and not taken by storm, which nevertheless hide little treasures to discover. An example is precisely in Sicily with cities like Acireale, Ragusa, Marsala. Those who hope to find a little fresh air, however, look to the lakes and South Tyrol.

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