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From Walkman to smartphone, from cassette to Spotify. Despite the evolution of media, music still remains the best medicine for the soul – as Plato said – even for the soul. high school graduates: 2 out of 3 are, In fact, prepare for the exam listen to their favorite songs.

However, there is something that hasn't changed in 40 years: for 9 out of 10 graduates the soundtrack of the exam state rest 'The night before exams' by Antonello Venditti. But in the students' playlist, there is no shortage of other old glories either. Like “We are the Champions” by Queen and “Another brick in the wall” by Pink Floyd. Together, obviously, with the artists of the moment with their hits. Like Tony Effe, Gaia, Ghali, Geolier, Rose Villain, Guè, Lazza, Geolier, Ultimo.

The portal took stock of the most listened to music tracks in recent days Skuola.netwhich surveyed 1,000 girls and boys expected to take the 2024 high school exams soon.

Antonello Venditti gettyimages

Antonello Venditti

The benefits of music

Among the two thirds who accompany reviewing musical notes, 39% use music mainly to “lighten” and chase away bad thoughts, while almost a third (30%) consider it an excellent source of inspiration for get their ideas. energy for study. Then there is a good 21% who study and revise with headphones in their ears.

Reading, for most, is synonymous with streaming. Spotify, YouTube and similar platforms are now the undisputed queens of musical pleasure: more than 8 out of 10 high school graduates (85%) use them daily to “play” their favorite songs.

And as with travel, vacations and all great “adventures”, more than one in three graduating seniors have prepared a selection on the theme of Maturity. At the top of the most listened to tracks is once again, as mentioned, “Night before exams”. Antonello Venditti's song, which celebrates its fortieth anniversary this year, remains the most emblematic song of the moment.

As we can see, next to the song by the Roman singer-songwriter in the graduates' playlists, we find various other songs from the history of music: from “We are the champions” by Queen (selected by 16%) to “Another brick in” by Pink Floyd. the wall (9%).

Queen in Sanremo 1984 Tg1

Queen in Sanremo 1984

The 2024 baccalaureate playlist: from Tony Effe, via Ghali, via Geolier and Ultimo

Numerically speaking, most of the space is occupied by decidedly more current productions. Alongside the “sacred monsters” of music, we find songs that have conquered the charts in recent weeks. In first position is the duo formed by Tony Effe and Gaia: their “Sesso e samba” is the most “streammata” by a third of high school graduates (33%). More generally, it is the triumph of rap music: Ghali also climbed onto the podium in the category with his “Paprika” and another duo, that formed by Rose Villain and Guè Pequeno in “Come un Tuono”.

Tony Effé gettyimages

Tony Effé

Pequeno Ford handle

Pequeno Ford

In fourth place in the top 10 hits of the moment there is Angelina Mango with her summer single, “Melodrama.” Followed by “The Last Poetry” by Jailer and Ultimo, which both return lower in the ranking, respectively with “El pibe de oro” (sixth) and “Altrove” (eighth). In the middle, in seventh place, we find Tedua with “Mare calme”. Finally, two pieces that will most likely serve as the backdrop for the entire summer of 2024: “Torcida” by Bresh and “Punteria” by Shakira.

However, as we mentioned, the graduates' playlists also include songs that, although released several months ago, are still dominating the market. graphics. In a way, it is the echo of the Sanremo Festival 2024, since more than half of the songs of the event currently continues to keep graduates company.

But there are others at the top. In first place is the revisited version of “Ma che idea” by the stainless Pino D'Angiò: the song created with bnkr44 is the song most listened to by 16% of graduates of 2024. Followed by another now experienced artist, although very young. : it is Lazza, with his “100 Messaggi”, which occupies second place, voted by 15% of the sample. The podium is closed by “After the 4” by Tony Effe, Bresh and Tedua (them again).

It is the rest of the top 10, as expected, which includes the most successful songs of Sanremo 2024. In fourth place, Angelina Mango with “La noia”, in fifth place is “I' p' me, tu p' te ' ” by Geolier (other known names). Immediately behind are, in pairs, “Come on!” » by Alfa and “Casa Mia” by Ghali. Mahmoud with “Tuta gold”, he is seventh, “A boy a girl” by The Kolors is eighth. The magical decade ends with “Click Boom!” » by Rose Villain and “Sincerely” by Annalisa.

Rose Villain at the 2014 Sanremo Festival handle

Rose Villain at the 2014 Sanremo Festival

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