The first Ferrari Roma Spider delivered to Italy is Fedez's: the rapper showed it in a video on Instagram in which he appears with his father Franco. Both seem very excited and delighted with the purchase of the car, one of the latest creations of the Maranello company.

The car, the first to feature a canvas top after many years, was openly inspired by the 1960s: a coupe powered by a front-mid V8 engine with a displacement of 3,500 cc and 620 horsepower. The starting price is just over 200,000 euros, but Fedez's car looks custom, so the cost is definitely higher.

“I prepared it for you,” the father said to Fedez, who showed up at the dealership well in advance. And the rapper replied: “He will drive it more than me.” Then, the two men embark on the first test drive, with Franco at the wheel.

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