The measures proposed by the Italian government on abortion “have no link with the Pnrr”. This is what a spokesperson for the European Commission said today, when asked about the debate that has shaken Italian politics in recent days. What triggered the parliamentary conflict was an amendment presented by the Brothers of Italy to allow pro-life associations access to clinics. “The Pnrr decree contains measures that concern the governance structure of the Pnrr, but there are other aspects that are not covered and have no connection with the Pnrr, such as the law on abortion,” he said. the Pnrr spokesperson clarified today. In Report newspaper with the press. The amendment to the Pnrr decree relating to the entry of pro-lifers into clinics was approved in the budget committee and will have to be voted on in the House.

The text provides that the Regions, responsible for the organization of clinics, can benefit, without burdening public finances, from “the involvement of third sector entities” with “qualified experience in maternity support” . A decision which encountered strong resistance from the opposition. “What we are witnessing is the realization of President Meloni's Italy: only one woman in charge, the others disappear, while their freedom to choose their own body is continually questioned,” attacked Democratic Senator Cecilia D 'Elia. Also critical of Riccardo Magi, secretary of +Europa, who accuses the government of making “totally political”, but also “approximate and inappropriate” use of Pnrr funds.

On the cover: EPA/Olivier Hoslet | Palais du Berlaymont, headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels

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