After the story of the student at the Florence Marshals School who committed suicide, complaints and complaints were filed against teachers. The Florentine edition of Repubblica reports that the Unarma carabinieri union will file a complaint describing others. To denounce a Full Metal Jacket climate in the barracks. The union reported certain practices to the Ministry of Defense on February 12. It's like keeping students in the right row for about an hour with their left arm raised. Or checking messages on Whatsapp and searching for personal effects contained in suitcases. Another complaint talks about a die being used to choose penalties for late exits or violations of the dress code.

To date, around sixty aspiring marshals have left the school. The suicidal girl instead complained about the rigid and totalitarian environment. So much so that it ruins her life, makes her lose her hair and makes her intolerant of prohibitions. Like wearing Doctor Martens or Timberland boots on free rides. In the meantime, the Florence prosecutor's office has acquired the letter from the girl's parents. Dozens of testimonies from relatives of the victim were also collected. But no one mentioned a climate of psychological violence against him. The investigation concerns incitement to suicide and against unknown persons.

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