Boyfriends dead in a car in Naples, Iran does not want Vida's body: “She was a girl of easy virtue”

Vida Shahvalad died in the car with her boyfriend Vincenzo Nocerino. On the night of Friday March 15 to Saturday March 16, the two men exhaled exhaust fumes from the car in which they had locked themselves in a garage in Secondigliano. According to the initial conclusions of the investigation, it was an accident. Vincenzo and Vida were engaged and had gone to make peace. She was enrolled at university. But in her country of origin, Iran, the news of her death was announced by describing her as a girl “of easy virtue”, as her friend Ahmad Bahramzadeh, 28, who studies dentistry in Pisa. And the victim's family members are unable to obtain the transfer of the body to the country. Because of the obstructionism of the moral police.

The moral police

Alfredo, Vincenzo’s father, explains: “She was like a daughter to me. When I found them, they were dressed. It is not normal that she is slandered and denigrated by the press of her country. His family is experiencing a tragedy within a tragedy today, let's help them.” The two were returning from a party in Caserta. They had isolated themselves in Calle Fosso del Lupo, number 161, inside the Red Panda of Vincenzo. Then, they started the engine to warm it up. The possibility of suicide is ruled out: the two boys fall asleep and no longer appear reserved. The Iran International TV report indicates that the student “died by suffocation in Naples” and that the two “were half naked” and “probably about to have sexual intercourse, but due to carbon monoxide they lost consciousness, then life”.

Reconstruction and denial

Vida's family members deny reconstruction: “We are talking about a press opposed to the Iranian government. The journalist mispresented the facts. Not to mention that in Iran, such an image of women is unacceptable. » Vida studied computer science at Vanvitelli in Caserta. Then she moved to Naples. “Vincenzo and Vida loved each other. She studied, was respected and appreciated. He should have been a source of pride for his country. There, the Islamic Republic and the moral police of Tehran have another idea of ​​the role of women in society. Vida was portrayed for what she was not, tarnishing her memory. We ask to stop the leaks of unverified information, which seem to be only the result of gossip which is not at all useful in reconstructing the dynamics of the facts. In Iran, there have already been a lot of problems for Vida's family who would like to devote themselves only to the funeral of their daughter,” says regional councilor Francesco Emilio Borrelli.

They weren't half naked

Alfredo Nocerino, owner of the Partenope pizzeria-trattoria, found the bodies of the two boys: “It was around 8:30 a.m. when I went down to the garage, after realizing that Vincenzo had not returned home. The night before, he and Vida had gone to a party with friends in Caserta. I was surprised he didn't warn me. So I opened the garage door and ran to the parked car. They were lying down, he in the front seat, she in the back. They were clothed, I want to clarify that because someone said they were naked. It looked like they were sleeping. » He tried to wake them up: “I tried to shake my son and resuscitate him, I slapped him while shouting his name. But nothing. Absolute silence. Having received no reaction from them, I realized that they were dead and immediately called for help. I went out into the street and I think my screams woke up the whole neighborhood.”

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