The 1000 Miglia 2024 are on their way: a journey through history, passions, engines and territory

The legendary began today 1000 miles 2024. From Brescia to Rome and back, passing through famous cities and hidden villages, the historic race between vintage cars combines passion, tradition and Italian excellence.

In the five days (June 11 to 15), it will be 420 on old cars to compete against a backdrop of landscapes that extend from the countryside to the sea. The caravan will cover more than 2 thousand kilometers of road and, as always, there will be many emotions.

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1000 Miglia 2024: route, program and (small) news

The format of the 1000 Miglia 2024 does not change, even if this year the route and the official program are enriched with some small innovations.

After the departure of Bresciait will be the turn of Bergamo, Novara And Vercelli before reaching Turin for the arrival of the first stage.

On the second day, the automobile cordon will descend south, crossing the summit of the Langhe and crossing the center of Acqui Term. From there it will head towards Genoaan absolute novelty of 1000 miles 2024. Then return on board along the Tyrrhenian coast, until arriving at Viareggio.

On the way to the capital, during the third stage the race will head towards the hinterland passing through Lucca with a stop, for lunch, at Castiglione de la Pescaia. In the afternoon, entry into Lazio with passage through Marta, Viterbo and Ronciglione and the conclusion one Rome in via Vénétie.

With the fourth stage the crews will go back up to Orvieto and then Solomeo. After a break, the roaring engines of vintage cars will pass His And Lawn, the Futa and Raticosa passes, which will precede the arrival at San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna).

At the end of the event, Saturday June 15 the path will touch Ferrara, Bovolone And Villa Francathen the Lake Garda with the Valtenèse And Salô ending with the classic parade of Viale Venezia.

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An extraordinary competition

Among the flagship models of the race, there is also the Porsche 356 A from 1956 personalized by Luxury outlets in the shopping centerluxury outlets in Florence and Sanremo, on the splendid Riviera dei Fiori, where shopping and beauty meet against the backdrop of enchanting Italian landscapes.

His journey will be told through interviews, anecdotes and curiosities on the social networks of the luxury shopping centers throughout the duration of the competition (you can follow the story on the social networks of The Mall Luxury Outlets: @themalloutlets). In addition, the brand will follow the convoy of competing cars aboard a Dallara Stradale, stage after stage.

For the occasion, race participants will receive a free Bluetooth speaker, to connect to their smartphone, with which they will be able to listen to the 5 playlists, accessible to all on the Spotify profile of The Mall Luxury Outlets: one for each stage, for a route of shots and emotions, all to sing. Like on happy car trips

“We are delighted to participate in the 1000 Miglia 2024 as a sponsor,” underlined Giorgio Motta, general director of The Mall Luxury Outlets, “the choice to participate in the project arises from the values ​​that unite the historic competition and The Mall Luxury Outlets. Mall Luxury Outlets: passion for the territory, tradition and Italian excellence, the essence of Made in Italy. Our mission has always been to celebrate and promote the wonders of the country that welcomes us and this time we decided to do it by leaving with the convoy of the 1000 Miglia, crossing Italy to rediscover its infinite beauty.

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