Calabria, the mayor of Reggio Falcomatà (Pd) and the leader of the FdI group in the Neri region are under investigation for political-mafia exchange

There is also Giuseppe Falcomatà, mayor of Reggio Calabria and representative of the Democratic Party, and Giuseppe Neri, leader of the Brothers of Italy group in the regional council, among those under investigation as part of the “Ducale” operation. Today, Tuesday June 11, the ROS carabinieri applied 14 precautionary measures. The alleged crime against Falcomatà and Neri is a political-mafia electoral exchange. The anti-mafia leadership of the Reggio Calabria district had requested the arrest of Neri and Francesco Sera, municipal councilor of the Democratic Party of Reggio Calabria, but the investigating judge did not accept the request. However, no request had been made for Falcomatà.

Investigations and criminal hypotheses

Operation “Ducale” was launched as part of an investigation coordinated by the DDA of Reggio Calabria into alleged connections between the 'Ndrangheta and politics. The DDA investigation, it is learned, concerns alleged offenses committed during the 2020 and 2021 regional elections and the 2020 municipal elections in Reggio. Among the fourteen precautionary measures taken today, seven concern preventive detention in prison, four concern house arrest. For the other three, however, the measure of the obligation to report to the judicial police was ordered. The people involved in the operation are accused, for various reasons, of the following crimes: criminal association of the mafia type, extortion aggravated by the mafia method, electoral crimes, corruption for acts contrary to official duties, material and ideological lies committed by the audience. official in public documents.

On the cover: Giuseppe Neri, head of the Brothers of Italy group at the regional council, e Giuseppe Falcomatà, mayor of Reggio Calabria

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