We are aware of shares on Facebook regarding an alleged Palestinian bank note dating from 1929, which allegedly delayed the creation of the State of Israel well before the Holocaust during World War II. However, this is a fake, as colleagues from AFP France.

For those in a hurry:

  • Images of an alleged Palestinian bank note dating from 1929 are circulating.
  • It was actually carried out in 1948, as confirmed by period documents and experts.
  • We also see the obvious differences with the notes printed during the British mandate on the current Israeli-Palestinian territory.


The actions in question accompany the image of the alleged banknote with the following caption:

A Palestinian banknote of
Message to anyone who thinks Israel was created after the Holocaust by taking land from Arabs in Palestine.
This should resonate with you (it's written in Hebrew for those who haven't noticed) אי means Eretz Israel

A Palestinian note from 1929?

Howard M. Berlin author of the essay Coins and banknotes from Palestine under the British Mandate, 1927-1947he explained to AFP France that “it is not possible that such a note could have circulated in 1929”. Find more information on the Bank of Israel website here. There are therefore historical documents which attest to the existence of the note after the Second World War, such as a message sent by telegraph on August 6, 1948, by the press agency Jewish Telegraphic Agencywhere it was reported that “the government of Israel has decided to issue its own currency in place of the current Palestinian pound issued by the United Kingdom, which circulates not only in Palestine but also in Jordan, a- we learned here today.”

Just look at what the previous banknotes issued by the British looked like, more precisely that of the Palestinian pound. We immediately notice substantial differences: for example, there was the writing at the top “Palestine Currency Board” which is not visible on the note in question, while the writing was both in Arabic and in Hebrew.


The Palestinian note in question does not date from 1929 but from 1948.

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