The elimination of Inter from the Champions League on penalties by Atletico Madrid is not good news, from the point of view of the coat of arms, from the sporting point of view but also keep an eye on the UEFA ranking . A heavy and unexpected defeat for Inzaghi's team and for Italy as a whole. More points lost in the rankings. After the elimination of Naples and Lazio, in fact the defeat on Spanish soil causes Italy to lose important points, while we await the verdicts of the other teams in the “minor” cups, the remaining teams are those of Atalanta, Milan and Roma in the Europa League and Fiorentina in the Conference League.

UEFA Champions League.  Barcelona - Naples, goal from Fermin Handle

UEFA Champions League. Barcelona – Naples, goal from Fermin

The final ranking of the UEFA rankings will determine which nations can conquer the five teams in the next edition of the Champions League., also completely renewed in its format with the increase from 32 to 36 participating teams. Germany gains points, which remains second, and Italy is on its heels, thanks to Borussia Dortmund's quarter-final victory against PSV. Spain also gains points, still fifth and therefore behind.

UEFA ranking: the updated ranking of the 5 best nations

ITALY 16,571
GERMANY 15,928
ENGLAND 15,000
FRANCE 14,416
SPAIN 14,187

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