USA 2024, Biden is not leaving, he even doubles down: “I alone can defend America against Donald Trump”

Leave? Not even an idea. Joe Biden will also have a disastrous night in Thursday's debate CNN against Donald Trump, but seems to have already digested the “misstep” and is ready to take on the challenge of the White House without hesitation. Opposing a stubborn refusal in the face of the dozens of calls he has received in the last 48 hours from the American progressive world for him to leave, after having demonstrated his inability to continue exercising the presidency of the world's leading power. “I didn't have a great one
evening, but not even Trump,” Biden said seraphically tonight, speaking at a fundraising event in New York. The Democratic nominee appears deaf to the pressure, and even to the dramatic editorial that appeared this morning in New York Times The president seems to have only taken the roles that interest him: those in which the danger of Trump was once again highlighted, who throughout the evening uttered lie after lie. “Donald Trump represents a real threat: he will destroy democracy. I will defend it,” Biden once again repeated without letting himself be discouraged. “I still believe that this nation is honest and worthy: we will win these elections,” he even reiterated, trying to warm up public opinion.

The role of the first lady

On the other hand, his wife, Jill, is watching the back of the presidential candidate. Who not only shrugs off calls from the press and donors close to the Democrats, but encourages his 81-year-old wife to move forward with more force than ever: “Joe is not only the right person for this job, he is the only person for it.”
work,” she said. first lady at the New York event. Yesterday, at a rally in Atlanta, she had praised her husband's performance in the debate with words that bordered on the surreal: “You answered all the questions! Excellent! And what did Trump do instead? Lied!” Because of all the outside pressure, no one but the person concerned can decide to remove Joe Biden from the race. It doesn't seem like air, at least until proven otherwise.

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