Nice, the night of love between the 70 year old doctor and the 28 year old model. Then the kidnapping and theft

A night of love between a 70-year-old doctor from Nice and a 28-year-old model from Sanremo ends in a kidnapping and theft. The story is told by the Genoese edition of Republic and begins on May 11 in a villa in Cimiez. The one where the doctor, an art collector, kept some valuable paintings. Immediately after the evening with her, an accomplice of the young girl arrives. Both try to extort the doctor's signature on certain certificates for the sale of artists' paintings. She then threatens to report him for rape. The accomplice threatens him with a gun and he signs the documents. They attach it to a railing with duct tape. They load the paintings into the car and flee. In the afternoon, one of the two returned, released him and threatened him with reprisals if he reported it. But the doctor will still make his report. And on May 23, the police arrested the model, and a few days later also her accomplice. The police also recovered the paintings. The investigation is now continuing to determine the involvement of other people.

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