Two currents are forming within the 5 Star Movement. That of those who oppose the vast field of the center-left and that of those who embrace it on the contrary. Two streams represented by Marco Travaglio and Rocco Casalino, second The newspaper. The director of daily event would adopt an “isolationist” approach, especially after the results below expectations from the large Abruzzo camp, the second, like most members of the Five Star Movement, would work to stabilize the alliance with the Democratic Party. According to a Five Star MP heard by the Giornale, the leader of the Giuseppe Conte Movement is trying to maintain the unity of the party, but with a defined final objective: “Conte will move further and further away from the Democratic Party, just read the Fatto Quotidiano and stay to listen to what Travaglio says on TV.

“Voters don’t want this mess”

The climax cited by the Newspaper it is that of the evening of March 12, where Travaglio was invited to Half past eight, a television show broadcast on La7 hosted by journalist Lili Gruber. The director of Finished He called for a purely proportional electoral law, which would not force parties to come together as much as the current Rosatellum: “The voters don't want this mess!” Opinion opposed to that of Casalino, who does not believe that the Movement is self-sufficient and for this reason should not break with the Democratic Party. With Travaglio, the most fundamentalists are represented in second position the newspaper also by Virginia Raggi, Alesandro Di Battista and Chiara Appendino, while Alessandra Todde, Stefano Patuanelli and Roberto Fico would be among the big names most open to the Democratic Party.

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