Paolo Bonolis, presenter with 45 years of career between Rai and Mediaset, speaks today about himself in a sentimental interview with Corriere della Sera. In which he also narrates an episode concerning Queen singer and songwriter Freddie Mercury. At the time, Paolo was 25 years old and living in London. She meets him and Freddie starts hitting on him. Who responds: “I love your music, I find it fantastic, but we have different hormonal backgrounds.” Today, he remembers: “We talked. And then everyone went their own way. But I was cute, you know?


Bonolis explains that he lies: those who are useful. Anyone lies. We all interpret as best we can what others would like us to do. Lies serve to soften the edges, the important thing is not to hurt anyone. » While his first marriage to Diane ended in betrayal: “I realized that I had done something stupid and I said it, it was not digested, I understand his intemperance.” Then there is Luca Laurenti, who is like a wife: they have been an artistic couple since 1991: “We separated professionally for three years, I went to Rai, he stayed with Costanzo. I never argue with anyone. We get along very well with Luca, he is special, very intelligent, disenchanted, serene. He lives in a quantum phase different from ours. »

Next year

While his name is mentioned as host of the next Sanremo Festival, Bonolis announces that he will stay with Mediaset: “I promised Pier Silvio that I would do another season of The next and I am a person of my word. He also talks about the separation with Sonia Brugarelli: “We are separated but more united than ever. We have three children, we need harmony… what do you say? Parental, that's all.” And now he is not looking for a new love: “Now I'm doing well like that. I'm full of friends, I have five children, two grandchildren and a third who will be born in July. If it happens, it will happen. And if it doesn't happen, as they say in Rome, big one.

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