“Don’t worry, they can be very bad at embezzlement (they can be very bad, editor’s note).” This is how Gianfranco Miccichè, former president of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, responded to one of his colleagues worried about the investigation into the blue car. Today, Miccichè is the subject of an investigation by the Palermo public prosecutor's office for embezzlement and aggravated fraud. Precisely to use the blue car as if it were a taxi. The cat also took the Palermo-Cefalù route with the Audi Q3 equipped with a rotating beacon. And it's suspected that Chief Di Ferro's cocaine traveled. The regional deputy for Forza Italia is subject to a travel ban.

The Audi as a taxi

The Palermo edition of Republic today recounts the details of the investigation into embezzlement. Factotum Vito Scardina traveled in the Audi, while the driver occasionally devoted himself to small jobs such as arranging an antenna or placing mouse traps. Then there is the visit to Chef Ferro's Villa Zito. On the phone they were talking about trays of pasta to be collected. It is suspected that these were code names for cocaine. Once the cat was taken to the vet in the blue car. While his collaborator checked and falsified travel documents. The investigation is based on interceptions and data collected by GPS. In total, 33 illicit trips between March 24 and November 6, 2023 are contested and an undue benefit amounting to 2,138 euros. The fraud reported to the Messina driver, however, triggers a seizure of nearly 11 thousand euros. For reimbursements received during his absence.


In the wiretaps, Miccichè does not seem that worried about the investigation. “Don’t worry, they can be really bad at embezzlement,” he said. The woman seemed comforted by these reassuring words: “No doubt, if only they listened to all the times we were paying attention to the use of the car, but I really hope they listened to the phone calls, I swear, I just said it. kept telling them: 'Please, please. Maurizio so I recommend you.'” In his statements to the press agencies, he was much more cautious: “I maybe made a few mistakes, but I really don't see anything wrong with it.” And again: “If it's embezzlement.” In fact, he absolves himself without hesitation: “I have nothing to blame me, I may have been negligent. But is it illegal to lead your wife? I can't deny it.

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