Because this parliamentary question does not demonstrate that the European Union recognizes ghost chemtrails

Screenshots of a question from the European Parliament are circulating, attempting to insinuate that the European Union recognizes the existence of ghost chemtrails. In fact, a parliamentary question is a personal intervention by one or more MEPs who ask questions within the institution, but this does not demonstrate that there is recognition by the European institutions of this conspiracy theory. known.

For those in a hurry

  • Internet users insinuate that a parliamentary question is a source of truth and confirmation of a theory by institutions, in this case European.
  • Only the parliamentary question reports the theories of ghost chemtrails, while the answer denies everything.
  • The misuse of parliamentary questions also occurs in Italy.


Here is the content of the text circulating as well as screenshots of the parliamentary question:

This is the EU parliamentary question which demonstrates that: 1 the European Union has been aware since at least 2015 of military geoengineering carried out by spraying in the atmosphere; the EU knows that such spraying is harmful; 3 calls them “CHEMICAL TRAILS” and that silences all the fact checkers; 4, the European Commission has silenced everything through ruthless censorship.

The question

The parliamentary question exists and was tabled in 2015 (E-007937/2015). Presented by MEP Ramon Tremosa i Balcells (from the ALDE group), it reports the following:

Four employees of the Spanish Meteorological Agency confessed that planes throughout the country were spraying lead dioxide, silver iodide and diatomite into the atmosphere. The aim is to keep the rain away and allow temperatures to rise, creating a summer climate conducive to tourism while benefiting businesses in the agricultural sector. This in turn causes very serious cases of the extreme weather phenomenon known in Spanish as “gota fría”.

The autonomous communities of Murcia and Valencia as well as the province of Almeria are the most affected, as no drop of rain has fallen for more than seven months, catastrophic “gota fría” storms are generated and respiratory diseases are caused among the population of two by the inhalation of lead dioxide and other toxic compounds. These planes take off from the San Javier military airport, in Murcia.

Can the Commission confirm that it has received a report from Spanish meteorologists asking it to take a position on this issue?

What is the Commission's view on this situation?

Does the Commission believe that these actions by governments have commercial reasons, in particular linked to the interests of food companies, energy companies and the pharmaceutical and medical industries?

The answer to the question

He received a response from the Commission on July 16, 2015:

The Commission has not received a report from Spanish meteorologists asking it to take a position on the issue.

The Commission investigated this matter with the Spanish authorities and found no evidence of the allegations regarding a military geoengineering project aimed at modifying the climate in Spain.

The Commission also refers the Honorable Member to his response to written question E‐000922/2014.[1] in which the Commission stressed that it does not consider geoengineering appropriate to remedy environmental problems, as environmental damage must be repaired as a priority at the source.

In practice, the response claims that investigations have not provided any evidence of a military geoengineering project for climate change in Spain.

In fact, the response denies the social post's narrative that supports the EU's knowledge of “military geoengineering carried out by atmospheric spraying” and fails to acknowledge that ghost chemtrails are harmful. It is only in the parliamentary question that the latter is mentioned, while the answer does not. Ultimately, there was no censorship since everything was public.

An Italian precedent

This is not the first time something like this has happened. The Italian Parliament also reports some parliamentary questions in which a deputy or senator asks the government questions about ghost chemtrails. This happened in 2014 with then-Senator Scilipoti, but even then the government did not confirm the existence of this well-known conspiracy theory.


Parliamentary questions, whether Italian or proposed within the European Parliament by MEPs, do not demonstrate the existence of a theory like that of ghost chemtrails. These are presentations of questions asked by parliamentarians and which require answers. The response to the parliamentary question contradicts accounts reported in social publications.

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