A “lottery” with no material prizes or money to be won. But a place on the list for the municipal elections in Prato on June 8 and 9. This is the proposal launched by the provincial section of the League of Prato. The competition is called “Submit and win”: the leaders have decided to reserve one of the 32 places on the list “for the one who can present the best idea, the most innovative and feasible, by April 30 by message private on Whatsapp or email. » , we read on the Facebook post of the Prato – Salvini Premier League. “A real lottery” where you will only be drawn if two or more ideas are deemed valid, interesting and potentially useful to the community. “The winner will be able to present himself on the League list, in support, like the entire center-right, of Gianni Cenni”, the center-right candidate in Prato. “It’s a way to involve people in the electoral campaign and above all to get them to talk, to open up, through social networks and then, better, in person. We have been hearing about direct democracy for years – says the provincial secretary of the Northern League, Daniele Spada al. Corriere Fiorentino – and some have even hypothesized to degrade democracy by drawing lots between citizens' representatives and their administrators, while on the side of serious participation and real involvement of people, there have been mostly discussions “.

The rationale for the initiative

For Spada, reserving one place out of 32 for those who bring a winning idea “is a tangible sign, in our eyes, of openness, in the moment of real listening that we give to the city a few days after the presentation of the applications. It is clear that the proposals that we will evaluate must not be in contradiction with the values ​​and proposals of the League. And it is also clear – he concludes – that our program will integrate the best ideas and that the big winner will be able to apply with us. It is precisely because he appears on a list of 32 people, the majority of whom are women, that the surprise candidate, although unfamiliar with politics, will not be left alone.”

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