“How can you say that Russia cannot win the war and set limits a priori?” This is what French President Emmanuel Macron is asking, pressed by the French newspaper The Parisian upon returning by plane from Berlin after meeting German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. For some time now, the resident of the Elysée has become one of the most virulent European leaders in his support for Ukraine, even going so far in recent days as to dare the possible involvement of NATO soldiers on the ground. . Words which aroused more concern than applause, even among allies. “We are not even thinking about sending our troops into combat,” Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani has said several times in recent days. However, despite the small diplomatic earthquake, Macron seems determined to continue his path.

“It may be that at some point, I do not hope and I will not take the initiative, that it will be necessary to carry out operations on the ground, whatever they may be, to confront the Russian forces” , added the French president, speaking today to The Parisian. The strength of France, Macron immediately clarifies, “is that we can do it”. The reasoning of the head of the Elysée is as follows: if it is Russia “which assumes responsibility for the escalation, which manages the ambiguity, the absence of limits and the threat”, how can the West does he exclude a priori his own involvement in the conflict? conflict to help the Ukrainian resistance? Despite the reactions of recent days, Macron assured that he did not feel alone at all. “Many European countries, and not among the smallest, are totally on our line,” said the French president without going into too much detail.

Cover photo: EPA/Gonzalo Fuentes | French President Emmanuel Macron during a speech in Paris (March 12, 2024)

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