Alessandro Sallusti, interviewed by Mara Venier, who promotes commercial services: an interview that never took place, totally false, which once again sees the host of Sunday at, who now says she is “desperate and worried”. Already in October, then in January, similar videos concerning Mara Venier had been massively relayed on social networks, and she had already filed a complaint for fraudulent use of her image. In recent months, it has announced services trade in an unlikely conversation with Elon Musk, and assured how a large monthly income can be obtained for a small investment. The latest scam attempt using artificial intelligence and deep fake instead, he sees her interviewing journalist Sallusti to promote a similar service. “My image continues to be used illicitly, also through the use of artificial intelligence, to promote, through websites, investments of small amounts of money in financial initiatives, implemented through Bitcoin, which would guarantee very significant income in a short time,” he said. explains through his lawyer Giorgio Assumma, who filed an urgent complaint with the AGCM, “so that it can initiate a sanction procedure, to the detriment of the person who, under a false name, carried out the 'unlawful initiative'. In the recent past, Fabio Fazio, Giovanna Botteri, but also Alessandro Cattelan and Francesca Fagnani were victims like her of these initiatives. “This Authority intervenes in all cases similar to those mentioned above to prevent the continuation of the illegal activity and impose the appropriate financial sanctions,” continues the lawyer, “even the journalist Sallustri, as far as I know, has undertaken its own judicial investigation action”.

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