Rho, 70 years old, hit and killed on his bike by a cement mixer. The man driving the vehicle is hospitalized in shock

A 70-year-old man died on Wednesday afternoon after being hit by a cement mixer while riding his bicycle in Rho, near Milan. The fatal accident occurred shortly after 5:30 p.m. on Corso Europa. We do not yet know if the victim was turning and was hit at the intersection, or if he was moving sideways in relation to the heavy goods vehicle: what seems certain is that the 42-year-old man at the wheel of the cement mixer could not avoid him and he was submerged. The assistance given to the old man by 118 was of no use. The man who drove the truck made statements to the police on the spot – which will now be examined with the images recorded by possible surveillance cameras in the area and by possible witnesses – but it was then that he himself was taken to hospital in shock.

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