Why the Vatican accuses Archbishop Carlo Viganò of schism: “Satanism and conspiracies, the Pope wants to close the accounts”

There is a very specific Vatican strategy behind the accusation of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Which naturally starts from Pope Francis. Who in 2019 spoke of the many schisms in the Catholic Church: “I pray that there are none. But I'm not afraid.” A year earlier, the file appeared with which Viganò accused the Pope of having covered up Cardinal McCarrick. And there were rumors of an “American schism” to come. problem to be resolved one way or another Because the Church recognizes the “apostolic succession” of bishops And only they can transmit authority to successors and command them by laying on hands. the Pope who appoints them And therefore without his authorization any order is illicit But valid, according to the dissidents.

Benedict XVI and the Lefebvrians

For this reason, explains today the Corriere della Sera, Benedict XVI tries to reconcile the schism with the supporters of Monseigneur Lefebvre. Stop the hemorrhage of schismatic traditionalist seminaries, leading to the ordination of priests. Viganò, on the other hand, has a more ambitious project. At the hermitage of Sant'Antonio di Palanzana, in the province of Viterbo, the building is being redeveloped to accommodate those who challenge the pope. There are five priests from Familia Christi, another traditionalist community since dissolved by the Holy See. The summons of Viganò by the Holy Office is therefore akin to a sanitary cordon to be placed around the former nuncio. Even if there are some in the Vatican who do not agree. Because in this way, says the reasoning, “you risk doing him a service”. Because in the meantime he had fallen into oblivion. But it is obvious that Pope Francis has decided to put an end to him here.

The archbishop of conspiracies

“Mgr Carlo Maria Viganò is the leader of the opposition to Pope Francis, but he has adopted such extremist positions that for some time he has no longer been followed even by the ultra-conservative cardinals and by a large part of the traditionalist galaxy “, he says The imprint a prelate from across the Tiber. Viganò, born in 1941, priest since 1968, contests Bergoglio's openness to the LGBT+ world. He speaks of “false shepherds, servants of Satan, beginning with the usurper who sits on the throne of Peter.” He accuses Francis of moving away from the traditional principles of the Church. In 2018, he went so far as to ask for his resignation. And he is a fan of Giorgia Meloni. After the election victory, he said: “We can reasonably think that the next Prime Minister will want to review his pro-Atlantic and pro-European positions, and once again assume this role as a real right-wing alternative to the hegemony of the ordoliberalism.” and the left.

No vaccines, no pope, no migrants

Naturally, nothing that Viganò predicted happens. Indeed: the Prime Minister has pro-Atlantic and pro-European positions. But reality for conspiracy theorists is often a detail to forget compared to their aspirations. Viganò made headlines thanks to a letter he sent to Ratzinger in which he complained about thefts in the church, which was immediately published in the newspapers. The Pope sends him as nuncio to Washington, according to the rule promote and amoveatur. But when Bergoglio arrives on a visit to the United States, Viganò arranges for him to meet a Kentucky municipal worker arrested for refusing marriage licenses to homosexuals. However, the break occurred with Theodore McCarrick: accusations of sexual abuse were revealed against the Archbishop of Washington.

Viganò's accusations

Viganò spoke to the Pope about it and then accused him of wanting to cover up everything. But McCarrick was expelled from the college of cardinals, removed from the clerical state, and ultimately the Vatican also published a report on the accusations against him. Over the years, he started a blog and continued to write letters against the pope. He said he supports Donald Trump, is a supporter of Vladimir Putin and is a staunch anti-vaccine. At one point, he rails against the Great Reset, globalist conspiracies and the inevitable George Soros. When the pope decides to bless homosexual couples, he accuses him of being one of Satan's servants and a usurper of Peter's throne. And also to encourage ethnic replacement by migrants. Finally there is the history of the monastery. The drop that overflows from the vase of holy water.

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