Walk with the alpaca? You don't need to go to Patagonia, you can also do it in Alto Adige. To be precise, a few kilometers from BressanoneIn South Tyrolin the picturesque Luson valley, near theHotel Sonnwies.

Face to face with alpacas

To graze the grass in the meadows of Sonnwies there are cows, goats, sheep and alpacas. It is one of the two most widespread species of domestic camelids in South America, with the llamas. They are docile, intelligent and have a friendly appearance.

Alpacas are raised on the Sonnwwies Hotel's organic farmAlpacas are raised on the Sonnwwies Hotel's organic farm
Alpacas are raised on the Sonnwies Hotel's organic farm

If theThe warm and soft wool of their fur is still essential to Andean populations to protect themselves from the cold, al Sonnwies they are used as pets for long walks in the woods.

The excursion with introduction then combing and grooming lasts one hour and becomes a unique experience for the whole family.

Luxury Family Retreat

L'Hotel Sonnwies is a five-star refuge located at an altitude of 1,150 meters in the heart of nature, between meadows and woods. Dolomites, UNESCO heritage.

Hotel Sonnwies in South TyrolHotel Sonnwies in South Tyrol
Hotel Sonnwies in South Tyrol

The ideal place for a summer vacation with family, couples or friends with children, to disconnect (especially adults) and let the little ones experience the emotions of nature, the most authentic.

The family-run structure has rooms and suites, as well as large chalets and villas of up to 250 square meters equipped with a swimming pool and a private spa, made – like all the rooms in the hotel – from wood. natural and equipped with basic natural fiber textiles, reflecting this sustainable and green philosophy that permeates the structure.

One of the rooms at the Sonnwies Hotel in South TyrolOne of the rooms at the Sonnwies Hotel in South Tyrol
One of the rooms at the Sonnwies Hotel in South Tyrol

Green and well-being

The watchword in this place is sustainability and well-being. Children and parents. In fact, everything moves in this dimension.

The beds, for example, are free of electromagnetic fields and the heating plant runs on biomass, thus providing climate-neutral heat.

The 100% carbon dioxide-free electricity comes from the small power plant in Luson.

Between luxury and nature, in the exclusive wellness area, you can treat yourself to a steam bath with flower scents and regenerate with treatments for two with essential oils.

Followed by a tasting in the cellar which has more than 700 labels and around 17,000 bottles. Yes, because three of the five members of the family Hinteregger I am a sommelier.

Farm animal

Much of what is found in the pantries comes from an organic farm and vegetable garden, where children and adults can learn to make butter with fresh cow's milk and where children become mini -chefs preparing ravioli.

The menus are varied, alpine, the jams – obviously – homemade, the cheeses come from small dairies and alpine huts. In the own organic farm there are 30 heads of livestock: chickens, Icelandic horses, ponies, sheep, rabbits, cows.

Well-being, cycling, excursions in the Dolomites

Five indoor and outdoor swimming pools (with paddling pools, giant screen for watching cartoons like in the cinema and wave slides) make up theWater park an attraction for all ages.

As well as the climbing wall or the cycling school. In this case, the instructors instruct children and parents on the different techniques for pedaling (in complete safety) in the forest and on uneven terrain; downhill and uphill.

There are many activities: from walks among larches, fir trees and pines, to easy excursions (at Malga of Rodengo or for Luson refuge for example) to the high altitude panoramic views of the Please he was born in Sass of Putiaone of the most beautiful peaks of Dolomites in the natural park Puez-Odle.

Of Sonnwies start of bike or mountain bike hikes in the mountain pastures and in the woods of Luson and thanks to the 70 hours of assistance and entertainment (from newborns to 14 years old) and the 10,000 square meters of play area, even the oldest can finally feel like they are on vacation.

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