Not only do they now live in separate homes, but Chiara Ferragni and Fedez also put the Lake Como villa up for sale, purchased barely a year ago for five million euros. The advert appeared in recent days on the website of a real estate agency which is apparently handling the sale.

In July last year, Italy's most social couple shared numerous photos from the luxury home, including photos of the two of them embracing in the Lake Como infinity pool. The villa is approximately 400 square meters it is spread over two floors. “Our dream”, wrote Chiara Ferragni on Instagram. With the end of the love story, the dream of home also ended.

Today Chiara is in Madrid, with her children Leone and Vittoria, guests of a large hotel, while Fedez posted on Instagram his trip to Monte Carlo for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, complete with a test drive of a Ferrari and a photoshoot on a yacht. moored in the port where the singer was photographed and filmed holding the hand of Garance Authié, 20. The video, posted on social networks, went viral.

A few weeks have passed since Fedez, interviewed in Belve, spoke in tears of the separation from Chiara Ferragni. Today, according to his followers, he could have a new flirtation.

Fedez’s Instagram Instagram

Fedez’s Instagram

It seems like centuries have passed since the marriage proposal on the stage of the Verona Arena in May 2017, which kicked off the Ferragnez saga, the most social couple of the last decade.

Like many, Chiara and Federico could not resist the shocks of life: firstly the discovery of pancreatic cancer and the Fedez operationthen the his participation in Sanremo 2023when the controversy after the kiss between the singer and Rosa Chemical. The final blow came with the Pandora affair, which sees her being investigated for aggravated fraud, as well as Easter eggs and the Trudi doll. Shortly after “Pandorogate” broke out, just after Valentine's Day, Fedez left the family home. And he was also investigated for fight that took place at the Milan Club and the subsequent beating of personal trainer Cristiano Iovino in via Traiano. Fedez, recognized by two witnesses, was included in the register of suspects in recent weeks by the Milan public prosecutor's office for affray, wounding and assault in conspiracy. To carry out these last two offenses, however, a complaint and a medical report are required from the person offended, in this case Iovino, who had nevertheless refused transport to the hospital and would not have collaborated with the investigations. In recent days, the lawyers of the two men reached an agreement and the coach gave up filing a complaint. If the complaint is not filed by July, the battery and battery charges will automatically be dropped. This would remain a matter of brawl, liable to automatic prosecution, but still to be evaluated.

Legal issues aside, Chiara focused on keeping a low profile on social media – children, work and friends – while Even after the fight at the Club, Fedez did not hesitate to expose himselfwith a speech at the Turin Book Fair, sparking much criticism and hatred so much so that his mother, Annamaria Berrinzaghiwho is also his manager, said nothing to those who criticize his son. On Instagram, he posted the meaning of the word “desire”, commenting “”It must be bad to rejoice in other people's misfortunes. How sad.” In addition to the troubles with the law, in recent days, the 34-year-old man also found himself in the emergency room for health problems for which he had to cancel his participation in the new program of the Rai by Alessandro Cattelan.

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