Impagnatiello, the first words in the courtroom. The lies to the other woman about her son, the murder: “I hit Giulia in the neck, she looked at me”

Alessandro Impagnatiello says he has changed, questioned for the first time before the Assize Court in the trial in which he is accused of the murder of his girlfriend Giulia Tramontano. Just a year ago, on May 27, 2023, the 29-year-old woman, seven months pregnant, was killed at her home in Senato, in the Milan region. The investigation revealed that Impagnatiello stabbed her 37 times. “The person I was at that time is not the person I am today – says the former court bartender – This process helps me put back into place certain points that I had scattered, confusing pieces . Now I can talk about the real truth, today I am a lucid person.” In the reconstruction of the relationship with Tramontano, the thirty-year-old again admitted to killing his girlfriend and trying to hide the body: “I I never made Giulia believe she was crazy. I built a castle of lies in which I drowned myself.

Murder in the living room

The thirty-year-old recalled the moment he killed his girlfriend: “Giulia ignores me – Impagnatiello remembers – I move, I go towards the kitchen, I see that there was this knife with which she was cutting vegetables”. The young girl was in the living room at the time and bent down to take a bandage from a drawer at the bottom of a piece of furniture because she had cut herself shortly before. The 30-year-old then said that he had attacked her from behind, but at the last moment his girlfriend turned around and saw him: “I remained motionless behind me, waiting for her to get up to return to the kitchen – continues the thirty-year-old. -old – I hit her at neck level, but I don't know with how many blows. She turned around first. »

In reenacting what happened after the murder, Impagnatiello explained that “it was like I was trying to cover up and hide everything that had come forward that evening.” So, completely enveloped in a layer of insane madness, illogic, utter madness, I attempted to literally make Giulia's body disappear. » The thirty-year-old then recalled having tried to “set Giulia's body on fire, using flammable cleaning products”.

The lies that the child is not hers for the other woman

The former bartender also admitted to falsifying the DNA test, to make the woman he was seeing alongside his girlfriend believe that he was not the father of the child Tramontano was inducing. Lies that will continue even after the assassination: “I continued this river of lies – declared Alessia Menegazzo in response to the prosecutor – I continued to carry this double and this false reality in my head”.

Waiting at Giulia Tramontano's house

During the two hours that Impagnatiello waited for his girlfriend to return, the former bartender says: “A crack was created in my head, so much so that I no longer understood anything. I walked around the house, I went out, I walked around the house, I smoked cannabinoid, I tried to eat but I couldn't, I took a shower.” That May 27, Tramontano had met the another woman who was seeing her boyfriend The two men wanted to meet at the workplace where Impagnatiello was also employed, but he was against it: “I asked to see each other the next day outside of work, because it was too late. was an environment where I had responsibilities with employees, I cared about my image It would have been a professional humiliation that would have flowed from my private life and would have tarnished my image. It was something I could not do. support.”

Poison research

Before Impagnatiello, the commander of the Milan Carabinieri criminal brigade, Giulia Buttarelli, testified in the courtroom, explaining the results of the analyzes on the cell phones and tablets of Tramontano and her boyfriend. Research emerged on the devices used by the thirty-year-old from December 2022, which would confirm the preparation of the murder, immediately after learning of the arrival of his son. Impagnatiello had searched such things as: “deadly homemade poison”, “chloroform”, “fetal ammonia”, “rat poison”. Commander Buttarelli then recalled the messages that Tramontano and the young woman with whom Impagnatiello had a parallel relationship had exchanged before the murder. On the night of May 27 last year, when Impagnatiello had already stabbed his girlfriend and was at the other woman's house, waiting for her to return from work, he started watching the Atalanta-Inter summary.


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