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Discover theAustria by train it means not only following a trend that is experiencing a new spring, but also choosing to travel altogether comfort, security and particularly, sustainability. An important detail for any contemporary traveler concerned about the fate of the planet.

Thanks to its proximity to Italy, Austria is an ideal destination to be reached comfortably by train. Austrian Railways ÖBB. Equipped with around 4,000 modern and safe vehicles, they have an extensive network that allows you to move easily even within the country, without a car and without worries. The wide range of on-board services and discounts, in particular, make it a practical and economical choice, perfect for organizing traveling vacation And Green. Today, in fact, the railway network uses green electricity 100% and has set itself the goal of completely decarbonizing the entire transport sector by 2030, as well as covering 80% of energy consumption through its own production.

Austrian Railways ÖBB: destinations

To travel by train in Austria from Italy, ÖBB offers connections between major Italian cities and the main Austrian destinations: from the capital Viennato the baroque city of SalzburgSince Innsbruck with its snow-capped mountains and enchanting landscape THANKS. You are traveling on board the Railjet (RJ), ÖBB's most modern and fastest long-distance train, which is characterized by its comfort, design, state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality on-board services, including the restaurant with a wide choice of drinks , Austrian and international specialties.

You can choose between Business Class, First Class or Economy Class, for even more comfort and space between seats. On board, there are also special spaces: thesilence zonesuitable for those who wish to stay at the PC to work or enjoy the beauty of the landscape crossed in complete tranquility, and thefamily spacea space designed to entertain the little ones with a children's cinema and board games.

Those who prefer to optimize travel times can then travel at night by train Night jet. To sleep comfortably during the trip, with the possibility of reserving the same compartment for up to three people (from June 8 to September 9, only the journey to and from Rome is suspended due to roadworks).

Semmering, the historic panoramic route

For those who consider travel as an integral part of vacation, that of Semmering it is one of the most spectacular and famous railways in Europe and well worth trying, both for the beauty of the surrounding landscape and for the skill of the engineers who designed it, so much so that it is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. . Designed more than 150 years ago by the Italian engineer Carlo Ghega, it was the first railway to cross the Alps thanks to its state-of-the-art locomotives, capable of overcoming significant height differences and tackling narrow radii of curvature. .

Traveled by modern Railjets, the Semmering railway extends for around 41 kilometers, with a height difference of around 460 meters, between the towns of Gloggnitzin Lower Austria, e Murzzuschlag, in Styria, via the Semmering pass which gives its name to the entire route. Today, like yesterday, we take daring tunnels and viaducts, like the Kartnerkogel Tunnel, built to bypass a rocky spur that stands out from the dense fir forest. Or along the stretch ofCapture of Adlitz, pierced by multiple tunnels and flown acrobatically by powerful viaducts with multiple orders of arches. But the true icon of travel is the beautiful Kalte Rinnethe most famous Semmering viaduct: 184 meters long and arranged on two floors for a total height of 46 meters, it stands out against the peaks of the Raxalpe ready to leave passengers speechless.

By train between nature and cities of art

Austria is an ideal destination for both a vacation and a rejuvenating long weekend by train. For those looking for alpine naturefor example, trains DB-ÖBB EuroCity they can easily reach the Austrian Tyrol, with stops in Innsbruck and the main stations at the entrance to the valleys, from where you can travel with local trains and buses. Two-wheel enthusiasts can then take their bike on board by purchasing a special ticket.

However, if the idea is a city ​​stay in Vienna, Salzburg or other Austrian cities, it is important to know that those who book on the Austrian Railways website can also purchase, with the ticket, tickets for the city's public transport and entrances to some of the main Austrian museums, to better organize your trip.

ÖBB trains, numerous offers for every occasion

Among the advantages of the Austrian railways ÖBB is the frequency connections with Italy. In fact, there are two trains per day for the Venice – Treviso – Pordenone – Udine – Vienna route and one train per day for the Bolzano – Innsbruck – Salzburg – Vienna route. In addition, ÖBB trains also run on network routes Eurail Or Interrailitinerant train journeys returned with strength to travel across Europe, at all ages.

Tickets, which can be purchased at travel agencies or directly online, offer many advantageous prices. With me standard tickets, children up to 6 years old travel free, while between 6 and 15 years old they benefit from a 50% reduction; If you travel in a group of at least 6 people, you benefit from a 35% reduction on the full price. THE Tickets for Sparschiene, notably offer low cost rates for purchases up to 180 days before the departure date: you are traveling in first or second class and it is not possible to make changes or cancellations. Full price discounts are also available for those who purchase the ÖBB Vorteilscard Hey Railplus tickets.

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Finally, for international races, also the four-legged friends they benefit from a 50% reduction on the full price of second class. One more reason to go by train.


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