Three boys aged 20, 19 and 15, watching the American television series To Catch a Predator on YouTube, had the idea of ​​becoming pedophile vigilantes. In Treviso, they set a trap for them, beat them and then robbed them. Hoping they would never be reported. For these facts, the court sentenced the two adults to six years in prison. The technique worked like this: they would chat together, pretend to be gay and look for someone to attract. When they found him, La Stampa reports today, they met the unfortunate man in an abandoned farm where they beat him. Then they stole it. Before long, they had found eight.

The electric stunner

Then a report arrives at the Castelfranco Veneto Carabinieri police station. At that moment, a patrol went to the scene and saw a boy leaving the farm, taking a bicycle and running away. The soldiers stop him for a check. They see that he is too nervous. They realize something is happening, they enter the farm and find a man tied and gagged. Two other boys threaten him with an electric gun. The victim, a 48-year-old employee, was released. Then they find eight more. The investigation ends quickly. And the three vigilantes of Vedelago thus conclude their career.

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