Vaduz Liechtenstein: what to see and where to find it

That of Liechtenstein It is one of the smallest capitals in the world. VaduzNot even five thousand inhabitants live along the Rhineon the border with Switzerland and Austria, between art galleries, museums and “princely” vineyards. The surroundings, however, constitute a real immersion in lush nature, in the Walser villages of Triesenberg and Malbunwhere you can walk looking towards the Alps, snow-covered even in summer.

Where is Vaduz located?

Vaduz is the capital of the Principality of Liechtenstein, one of the smallest states in Europe, on the border between Switzerland and Austria. It is part of the region of Lake Constance, Lake Constance, from which it is located a few kilometers away. The city is crossed by river Renovation, It is home to numerous museums, financial offices and banks. It is no coincidence that it is considered one of the most prosperous tax havens in the world.

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What to see in Vaduz

The city

Das Städtle is the main street of Vaduz, the beating heart of the city, where the main attractions are concentrated, all of which revolve around art. A long street dominated by cafes, restaurants and shops (luxury, especially jewelry).

On the The city There is also the City Hall, in front of the facade of which stands the imposing bronze culture of Nag Arnoldititled “Big horse“It is life-size and depicts a horse in three different poses. It is one of the many sculptures that decorate the urban fabric of Vaduz, transformed into an authentic open-air museum.

Das Städtle, the main street of Vaduz with the stamp museum

St. Florin Cathedral and Rotes Haus

The main church of the city of Vaduz is the St. Florin Cathedralseat of the archdiocese dating from 1873, built at the request of Friedrich Von Schmidt. The style is neo-Gothic and has a three-aisled interior. The tower with four clocks appears from afar, next to the Red Housea Renaissance house with a stepped roof, and the Liechtenstein Government Palace from the early 1900s.

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Vaduz government buildings and St. Florin Cathedral bell tower

Castle of the Princes of Liechtenstein

“The princes live here, they are very discreet and don't like to show themselves at all. They talk to people and live in their castle right above our houses,” they say in the residential district of Vaduz, from where the imposing manor can still be seen.

The castle, in fact, is located on a hill overlooking the city, it is the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein and for this reason it is not open to the public. However, it will be enough to move away from the center about ten minutes, and climb a short hill, to enjoy a beautiful view of the bastions and walls, and of the Swiss Alps that frame them.

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The Princes' Castle of Liechtenstein, embraced by the Alps, dominates the city

Cave of the Principality

The wine cellar of the Prince of Liechtenstein's court in Vaduz is located in the vineyard of Herawingert. A bucolic corner not to be missed, at the end of the main street of the museum. There are only four hectares of vineyard area, but the best wines of the Rhine Valley come from here. The temperate climate. Favonius and exposure to the sun, create favorable conditions for obtaining valuable Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

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The cellar of the court of the Prince of Liechtenstein in Vaduz, in the Herawingert vineyard

The soul of the cellar is Princess Marie, who coordinates the team's work on a daily basis. sommelier. A unique royal visit and tasting.

Vaduz Museums

Just strolling through the pedestrian zone of Vaduz is enough to immediately understand how much this small town is steeped in art. On every corner there are sculptures by world-famous artists; there is the National Museum, the Stamp Museumthe artistic space Englanderbau and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Open-air museum between Botero and the others

The work depicts a reclining woman, with features that make the artist immediately recognizable. The Prince of Liechtenstein sees it from its castle windows. And the Botero's wifeTHE Mrs. Ruhende, sculpted in 1993. It is nestled between two contemporary steel and glass buildings, next to the Liechtenstein Art Museum and to Hilti Art Foundation.

Botero's Ruhende Frau

This is not the only work to be immortalized in a journey dedicated to contemporary sculpture. There are many artistic spots, including me Three Horses by Nag ArnoldiAfrican King and the Rhinoceros by Stefano Bombardieri in the government area of ​​the city.

Vaduz Postal Museum

Vaduz is a paradise for sports lovers philately. For this reason, it is possible to access the Stamp Museumfree and truly comprehensive, even with valuable specimens.

Liechtenstein Art Museum

THE Liechtenstein Art Museumbetter known as Liechtenstein National Art Galleryis a museum designed by architects Meinrad Morger, Heinrich Degelo and Christian Kerezblack. Inside are works dating from the 19th century to the present day.

Among these masterpieces, we find works by Gustave Courbet, Marcel Duchamp, Meret OppenheimKurt Schwitters, Arnold Schönberg, Joseph Beuys and Jean Tinguely, including a section reserved for representatives of Arte Povera.

Detail for gourmet tourists: in front of the museum there is the historical one Läderach Chocolate Factorywhere you can taste different types of chocolate and buy exquisite souvenirs.

The Treasure Chamber

The Treasury Chamber contains a large collection of coins belonging to the princes of Liechtenstein. Among the historical weapons and representative gifts are precious caskets that keep the apple blossom egg of Faberge, other jewelry gold eggs and precious stones, fragment of moonstone offered to Liechtenstein by the President of the United States Richard Nixonand the princely crown made in Frankfurt am Main and Prague in 1626, decorated with 26 pearls, 120 diamonds and 16 rubies.

The famous Fabergé “Apple Blossom Egg” from the collection on display at the Chamber of Treasures in Vaduz

What to see around Vaduz

The Alpine panorama around Vaduz following the Triesenberg road to Malbun


Just drive up from the town of Vaduz for about twenty minutes on gentle hairpin bends to immerse yourself in the most lush greenery. Triesenberg It is the starting point for many excursions, and a place known for the presence of Walser Museum, population that settled in the region around 1280.

The city is a beautiful landscape of houses scattered between 700 and 2,000 meters above sea level, an ideal destination for slow and sustainable tourism.

The Malbun Friedenskapelle in the middle of endless meadows and woods


Malbun is an idyllic place where the silence and the colours of the woods and flowery meadows transform this small mountain village into a postcard.

Trekking in Malbun, Liechtenstein

From the centre of the village, located about fifteen kilometres from Vaduz, there is an interesting network of mountain excursion routes, for both trekking and mountain biking enthusiasts. The routes are very varied: from simple routes suitable for the whole family to challenging slopes. The upper station of the chairlift Sareiserjoch It is an ideal starting point for high altitude trails.

Where to eat in Vaduz

The pedestrian centre of Vaduz is dotted with small clubs, cafés, burger joints and restaurants offering traditional Swiss and Austrian dishes, but also international interpretations. An ideal proposition for a quick lunch.


The Michelin-starred Torkel is one of the best restaurants in Liechtenstein. From the outside, it appears as a sort of anonymous wine cellar dedicated to bottling wine, in the middle of the Vaduz vineyards. After all, the origins do not betray the feeling. The cuisine, in reality, is sophisticated, modern, with a clever use of the grill, where meat and fish are cooked.

The room, furnished with great style, is dominated by a large wooden press (hence the name of the place). The glass tables have a minimalist design and the outdoor space It is particularly pleasant because it overlooks the vineyard.

Starred Restaurant Torkel, Vaduz

Tide at the Park Hotel Sonnenhof

An address for lovers of fine cuisine in luxurious and elegant surroundings, and for those looking for a charming stay just a stone's throw from the centre of Vaduz. The Park Hotel Sonnenhof offers panoramic suites, a swimming pool and a spa.

How to get to Vaduz

By plane

To reach Liechtenstein, the most common option is to fly to the nearest international airports, such as Zurich Airport in Switzerland or Innsbruck Airport in Austria. From there, you can take a train or rental car to Vaduz.

On the train

Reach Vaduz by train from nearby cities such as Zurich, Vienna or Munich.

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By car

From Milan to arrive Vaduz It takes about four hours to cross Switzerland. The distance Milan – Vaduz is 254 kilometers.

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