In India, the survey institute predicts a landslide victory for Modi at the exit polls. But he is wrong and bursts into tears live on TV – The video

There are those who take their work seriously. Pollster Pradeep Gupta, chairman and CEO of Axis My India, broke down in tears on air after his exit poll failed. As voting was underway, he, who had predicted a landslide victory for Modi's coalition with around 380 seats, discovered that the gap was not that huge. Almost at the end of the counting, the official results give the Prime Minister's NDA alliance with 292 seats, and the opposition India Front with 232, 45% and 41% respectively. Almost a face-to-face encounter that the outgoing president, reconfirmed for his third term, and his party did not expect. Also surprising, the BJP remained at just 239 seats, losing 64 from 2019, while Raul Gandhi's Congress climbed to 100 seats, gaining 48. To form the government in India, a single party, or one alliance, owes at least 272 of the 543 seats in Parliament.

What does that mean? That the voters, even if they saved Modi, have actually punished him. The defeat that weighs the most is that of the state of Uttar Pradesh, where the Prime Minister lost in the constituency of Ayodhya, the city which symbolizes the union between Hinduism and politics.

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