Daniela Santanchè, Jannik Sinner and the “record number of tourists in Italy”

“Coincidences? I don't think so”, recited Fabio De Luigi imitating the great Carlo Lucarelli. And the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanchè does not seem to want to talk about coincidences, since she celebrates the first place in the world ranking of the Italian tennis player Jannik Sinner, with a tweet incomprehensible to many. “Warning to all those who speak ill of Italy. Record number of tourists. It may be a coincidence but there is a new air,” writes the minister. As if the victory of South Tyrol and the influx of arrivals in this beautiful country (perhaps also driven by an imminent jubilee?) were linked. “A new air”, posed the government representative Meloni, taking advantage of the wave of enthusiasm towards the champion. But many don't like it.

“What the hell did he write?” writes Luca Bizzarri. He's not the only one who thinks this way. “And Ferrari winning in Monte-Carlo? And Damiano de Maneskin, the sexiest man alive? A case? I don't believe it”, adds Andrea Sarubbi. “But the Ferragnez family left them”, Osho writes to him. “But what does that mean??!”, adds Lorenzo. And again: “More of tobacco next time, Dani, don't overdo it.” “So Sinner became number one in the world because you were in government and I thought he was cool… but actually I'm not? tennis. Thanks for the advice, Dany,” is one of many perplexed comments.

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