Pordenone, 12 years old, found dead in her bed: she had been suffering from severe knee pain for days

A 12-year-old girl, an American citizen and residing in Prata di Pordenone with her family, was found lifeless in her bed by her parents when they were going to wake her up on Tuesday March 5 in the morning to go to school. The death has already been reported to the public prosecutor's office. The little girl was an American football player on the fields of the American air base at Aviano. Last Friday, after practice, he felt intense pain in his knee that didn't seem to be going away. It was for this reason that two days later, on Sunday, her parents took her to the hospital for tests. After the visit, the 12-year-old returned home. According to initial investigations, the father called emergency services around 9:30 a.m. The medical staff guided him over the phone in the resuscitation maneuvers, in the meantime sending an ambulance and a medical vehicle to the scene. Once there, rescuers could not help but confirm the death, which appeared to have occurred during the night.

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