The face and voice of the French Saints, Alessandro De Santis, announces that he wants to leave social networks, and many users of these same social networks are turning against him. Because of the motivation that the singer would have given: “I'm tired of being told that I'm beautiful.” At least that’s what the rumor circulating “on the Web” says. It's a shame De Santis never said those words – at least not that way. He is therefore forced to return one last time (perhaps) to social networks to clarify his thoughts. Short circuits of the modern era. The qui pro quo was born from the sentences spoken by the artist during the interview with Cattelan is here tonight broadcast last night, Wednesday March 13. Here's exactly what Matilda De Angelis' boyfriend said in the offending passage: “I wanted to try to escape that mechanism and try not to attract that narcissistic side that wants to hear 'you're beautiful,' 'you're good ', 'you're great.'” And again, thinking about the “captivating” dynamics of social media: “My biggest fear is that in reality we're all pretending to know how to handle this thing, but instead end we all get sad when we read something we don't know. I don't like. Then it's clear, entering this world means a lot more people can say something about you and you can also get hurt for positive comments on paper, but for example even when I read a comment or an appreciation on my aesthetic, it makes me feel bad all the same: I sing, I'm not here to do that.”

Rewind the tape

In short, De Santis didn't exactly say he would give up Instagram “because he was tired of being told how beautiful I am,” as some post headlines shared later summed up in a barrage of sarcastic messages and tweets. So much so that 24 hours later the singer himself had to intervene with a sort of “note” entrusted to the group’s social networks. To clarify his thoughts. “I don’t have social networks, I haven’t used them for a few months now,” he remembers. And from Cattelan “I just made a joke about how I'm so incapable of handling the thing that I manage to be sad even through positive comments on paper, like an appreciation of my/our aesthetic, because they don't are not entirely relevant. . It is clear that a compliment can never offend me.” But the debate is already very broad, recalls De Santis: “This small, insignificant thing that happened to me happens every day to anyone, much bigger, in a very suffocating pleasure. It destroys people, paralyzes them, causes pain. Why manipulate my words, which did not want to put me on any pedestal but only to express discomfort?” asks the singer in conclusion. “I don’t understand and I’m sorry. It would be nice to be people,” the reflection concludes.

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