“Inside Out 2” hits the box office for its US debut. What is it about and when is it released in Italy

Expected by a massive advertising campaign, but also welcomed by positive reviews, Inside Out 2 arrived this weekend in theaters in the United States and Canada. And it gave Pixar and Disney the best theatrical film debut of 2024: $155 million at the box office, including $56 million on Friday alone. The protagonist of the animated film, a sequel to the great success of 2015, is still Riley, the little girl who has now become a teenager and is prey – like everyone else – to a kaleidoscope of contrasting emotions. Riley has therefore grown, and with her also her “sensory” apparatus. So, to the five quarrelsome emotions that compete for the young girl's attention – joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust – is added a new and unexpected one: anxiety. And, Disney suggests in the presentation of the new cartoon, it seems that he is not the only one. In addition to the United States and Canada, the film directed by Kelsey Mann has already been released in 38 other countries around the world. To see it in Italy you will have to wait a few more days: it will be released in theaters from Wednesday June 19. In the meantime, the overall “loot” already collected amounts to around $300 million. Giving a boost to a sector which, to be honest, has not been doing very well in recent months. In America, the last title to exceed nine figures in its opening weekend was Colossal. barbiewhich immediately grossed $162 million in July.

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