Italy called, Adidas answered. The FIGC and technical sponsor today unveiled the new uniforms created for the national team in preparation for the 2024 European Football Championships, scheduled for this summer in Germany. The jerseys will in fact be inaugurated in a few days, on the field of the United States' friendly matches against Venezuela (March 21) and Ecuador (March 24). The Home and Away uniforms, the official note specifies, were created “with the aim of celebrating the footballing identity of Bel Paese”. And so, for home matches, we will find the players in the classic blue, however decorated with tricolor stripes along the shoulders and highlighted by the coat of arms on the chest. On the outside, the uniforms will undergo some changes: red and green will be added to the white base, on the shoulders, on the crest and on the sides of the body. In both versions, however, the message is intended to be the same: the jerseys, as the Football Federation points out, are designed to “engender a sense of pride and belonging”. Connecting them is the unique pattern of the letter I, reworked into a digital key. But it is on the back of the neck that the most patriotic idea of ​​the new shirts appears, in full harmony with the atmosphere of the Meloni era: the famous phrase from the Mameli Anthem will be engraved there. Italy called. It would be a good idea for those summoned to each match to study the national anthem by heart in order to sing it at the top of their lungs at the start of the match: the silent scene would come into conflict with the new look.

Photo: Figc

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