The Guinean citizen beaten by the police in Modena is called Idrissa Diallo. He is a beneficiary of the international protection program. According to the military version, he resisted arrest and damaged the gazelle they were trying to put him on. The soldiers were temporarily assigned to other tasks. In the video circulating on social networks, we clearly see one of the two soldiers hitting the 25-year-old young man in the face and back. Who had a prognosis from the hospital in two days. And today he gives his version of what happened: “They attacked me immediately, although I was able to explain that I could have a friend come with the documents in a short time”, he says. The imprint.

Resisting arrest

A few hours after the events, Idrissa Diallo was presented before the judge to answer for the crime of resisting his arrest and was released. But he said he was also beaten at the barracks. The prosecution is studying the possibility of opening an investigation against the police.
This is the asylum seeker's story: “I was at the bus stop and the police approached me to ask for my papers. I didn't have them with me, I was going to work, I am a kitchen assistant in a restaurant on the outskirts of Modena. I told them I lived nearby and could call a friend to take them, but they stopped listening and dragged me to the car. They snatched the earpiece from my phone while I was holding it in my hand to call my roommate.”

The damage caused to the gazelle

Idrissa also rejects the accusation of damaging the police car: “It was not me, but the policeman who pulled me. He hit the car unintentionally in the tumult.” And he recounts what happened to him in the barracks: “They kept me inside for three or four hours. They took off my pants, insulted and beat me there too. Then they took me to court and the judge released me.” The Guinean citizen said he had “bruises on the head, left arm, back and one leg, but I don't have any fractures. They gave me a two-day prognosis.”

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