The president of the Palestinian National Authority Abou Mazen changes sides and tries to relaunch his political action by appointing Muhammad Mustafa as head of the government in Ramallah. Mustafa, 69, replaces Mohammed Shtayyeh, the resigning prime minister. He will have several weeks to put the new executive in place. An economist, he holds a doctorate in economics from George Washington University and worked for 15 years at the World Bank. He has already held important positions within the leadership of the ANP: he was deputy prime minister, minister of the economy and economic advisor to Abbas. He has also been part of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization since 2022, while he has been president of the Palestinian Investment Fund since 2005. The one entrusted to him will therefore in all likelihood be a technocratic government: the Abu Mazen's hope, Israeli media note, is to be able to maintain the ANP not only at the head of the West Bank, but also of the Gaza Strip. if the post-war scenario allows it: the American administration and several Arab countries have repeatedly said they are focusing on this most credible hypothesis for the management of the tormented territory once the war is over.

Cover photo: Wafa

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