“Dear Aldo Grasso, I speak as I have spoken all my life, in fact, as a teenager I spoke infinitely worse.
Instead of going to a speech therapist, I preferred to focus on something else and tell my story through cinema. This is not the first time that you judge me on form and not on substance.” This is Gabriele Muccino's response to Aldo Grasso, who criticized in Corriere the director's intervention during the special evening of the Oscars organized by Rai. A night where Grasso, in his italics, definitely tears up.

“It was in 2001, when L'Ultimo Bacio came out and she saw me promoting it on television, that she began to 'judge' me in the pages of Corriere – adds Muccino – not for what I had realized (and which she even promised herself not to see for the same reason) but how I spoke about it.” “If I had not had communication problems with my peers when I was a child – he adds – perhaps I would not have tried to do it through another form of expression. So I can even tell you that I am quite grateful for this “imperfection ” which is mine! Dear Aldo Grasso, you recently praised my series A Casa Tutti Bene. I thank you and confess my surprise reading your words. Here, please, continue to evaluate this that I bring to the screen as a director and stop repeating or imitating the already inflated comments of vulgar keyboard lions. It would be placed in a colored and already clogged tunnel. She is truly worth much more than these comments. Sincerely, Gabriele Muccino.”

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