The Rovigo public prosecutor's office has opened a new investigation into the disappearance of Greta Spreafico, a rocker from Erba who disappeared on June 4, 2022. The public prosecutor's office is investigating for murder and concealment of bodies. There is a member in the suspect register. The family never believed in suicide and cast suspicion on her ex-boyfriend Gabriele Lietti. In fact, Spreafico had assets worth one million euros between land and buildings. And he had made two wills: a holographic one in 2018 in which he left everything to his mother and another in 2021 where he designated Lietti as heir.


Greta Spreafico disappeared on Saturday. On June 4, 2022, his black Kia Picanto was last spotted by a camera in the Barricata neighborhood. The same day, he had to go to the notary for the sale of a property belonging to his maternal grandparents. Brother Simone hopes that the truth will come out. It was the family with lawyers Nunzia and Davide Barzan who provided new elements to the prosecution. Arouse suspicion precisely about Lietti. In 2021, Spreafico moved to Porto Tolle with her boyfriend. “He took her away from us and his care,” explains Simone Spreafico. “Greta was undergoing psychiatric treatment which she had stopped with him.” And then “he promised to marry her, hiding from her that he was already married.” A 58-year-old gardener, Andrea Tosi, was fired. He got into trouble for a post on social media.

The new suspect

The investigation now resumes with the new suspect. The ex-boyfriend never responded to the family. In an interview with Who saw ? he describes Greta as a “person full of life, an explosion of sympathy, but with her fragilities”. From time to time he had fears and lately he feared being in danger. » In any case, he has not yet inherited anything: the family contested the will. “I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I can say one thing: If I sell a house that you stand to inherit, you will no longer inherit that property.”

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