This could have been the moment to clarify certain aspects of the case of the file and the relations with the lieutenant of the Gdf Pasquale Striano, suspected of being at the center of a network of exchange of confidential information coming from the headquarters of the struggle national anti-mafia prosecution. Instead, at the last minute, Antonio Laudati, Striano's direct superior DNA prosecutor who should have been monitoring his every behavior, chose not to show up for questioning by Perugia Attorney General Raffaele Cantone, confiding in his lawyer Andrea Castaldo makes a note in what he states about the facts with which he is accused (illegal access and disclosure of four of the numerous files downloaded by Striano): “I never accessed the computer systems; I have never had any relationship, or even acquaintance, with the journalists under investigation; I have never compiled files to spy on or blackmail politicians or famous people”, affirms his defender. For Laudati, “all investigations were determined by investigative needs, in the exclusive interest of the Office “.

Words about Café de Raho

Giuseppe Conte (C) talks with Federico Cafiero de Raho (D), during the joint session of the House and Senate for the election of the 10 lay members of the CSM in Montecitorio, Rome, January 17, 2023. ANSA/ MAURIZIO BRAMBATTI

The prosecutor mentions the former anti-mafia prosecutor and now parliamentarian of the Five Star Movement, Federico Cafiero de Raho: “In the cases contested in the summons, I limited myself to delegating investigative knowledge to the DNA SOS group, in their entirety in compliance with the laws, service provisions and under the total control of the national anti-mafia and anti-terrorism prosecutor”. A heavy element towards the magistrate and now deputy who is also a member of the anti-mafia commission and who, in an unprecedented case , could be heard by this same committee.

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