Perhaps a gust of wind, or a technical accident. These are the first hypotheses about the accident this morning, Friday April 19, at the Molo Beverello in Naples. A Caremar Isola di Procida vessel departing at 9:05 a.m. and arriving from Capri collided with the quay during mooring operations. There were about a hundred passengers on board, most of whom were standing at the time to watch the docking, blanched by the violent impact with the dock. Among those on board were many foreigners and also some members of the police force, who were in Capri on a surveillance mission for the last day of the G7. Several ambulances arrived on the scene and provided first aid. According to initial information, around 30 people were injured in total, including passengers, police officers and flight attendants, 18 of whom were transported to different hospitals in the city with trauma or maxillofacial injuries. The others were treated on scene or are being evaluated. Almost all patients were transferred to code yellow or green, with the reported injuries considered minor, but one woman, in serious condition, was given code red.

The hypothesis

For the shipping company, which activates all assistance procedures, the impact was probably caused by a “technical accident”. On board the ship, in addition to the 118 health workers, there are men from the Port Authority and the State Police who are carrying out the first checks to understand if it is an accident due to human error or weather and sea conditions. At sea, at the time of departure of the ship Isola Procida, there were waves about two meters high and gusts of wind which, however, allowed navigation.

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