Federico Leonardo Lucia known as Fedez, born in Milan on October 15, 1989, was brought to justice. The police reported him for fighting. That is to say, a crime that can be prosecuted automatically, without the victim needing to report it. And it's Cristiano Iovino, the personal trainer who made headlines for his intimate relationship with Ilary Blasi (denied by the showgirl). Who never went to tell investigators what happened on the night of Sunday April 21 to Monday April 22. But already on the morning of the 22nd, the carabinieri submitted a delinquency report (Cnr) on what happened via Marco Ulpio Traiano at Citylife and in the nightclub The club from Largo La Foppa. The other crime mentioned in the communication from the soldiers of Via Moscova is that of injuries.


There's no doubt that Chiara Ferragni's estranged husband was around that night. Even if he says no: “I wasn’t there and we don’t see anything from the camera,” he declared yesterday at the Book Fair. And again: “Besides, shortly after, he went dancing in Ibiza. Without my name, there would be no news. » The rapper was very informed about the possible legal implications of the case: “There is no medical report, there are no injuries. The offense of bodily injury must have a duration of more than 40 days. Even if he was injured, there is no crime. There are no extremes. » The story seems to have unfolded differently. It begins with a nightclub fight between the rapper and the personal trainer over a blonde girl, later identified as Ludovica Di Gresy. Who accompanies Fedez and is approached inelegantly by Iovino.

The fight in the nightclub and the beating of Iovino

Alongside Fedez, there is Jack Vanore, former tronista of Men and Women, and the rapper Taxi Bi. But they had nothing to do with the fight. At 3:30 a.m., the beating took place. The carabinieri called by the vigilantes arrive but Iovino has already returned home to seek treatment. With him is Salvatore Angelucci, DJ and also former tronista of Men and Women. Iovino has an eyebrow injury and various bruises. The two security guards at the Parco Vittoria complex in via Traiano recognized Fedez: “He was with 8 to 9 other people and a blonde girl.” Cameras at the complex show the rapper approaching Iovino first. He also appears to attempt to hit him with two punches, which the personal trainer dodges. Then Fedez's two other companions jump on him.

The Ultras

Among them, there are some ultras from AC Milan. Some of them address the security guard: “Mind your own business, don't call anyone. Rossoneri bodyguard Christian Rosiello is present. Prosecutor Michela Bordieri is investigating the case. The Republic He explains today that the first Carabinieri report did not generate automatic registration in the register of Fedez suspects because the first investigations highlighted a different delinquency profile, namely that of injuries. For which a party complaint is necessary. But then the AC Milan ultras, the Inter ultras called by Iovino thanks to contacts with Lazio players and Iovino's attitude convinced the investigators to act. During the evening at the disco, Ludovica Di Gresy was at the console as guest of honor. According to images of the camera's internal circuit, an appreciation from Iovino triggers Fedez's reaction.

Walk away towards the exit

That’s when the nightclub bouncers intervene. Which first repels Iovino then Fedez. That’s when the phone calls start. And we arrive at the meeting in front of Iovino's house. Where the beatings take place. What the personal trainer has not yet reported. When the police urged him to go to the hospital for treatment and write a report, he responded that he felt no pain.

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