Pisa, rapes and films a 19-year-old in front of a nightclub: arrested for very serious injuries

A 19-year-old man has been arrested and is in prison in Pontedera, in the Pisa region, accused of raping a friend and seriously injuring her after a meeting in a nightclub in early June. The two allegedly met in the club that evening, then left the building and left. Here the man, Italian and without a criminal record, sexually assaulted the victim, although the young woman rejected him several times, filming all phases of the attack with her cell phone. The investigation began after the girl was admitted to hospital. Due to her injuries, she was hospitalized for a few days and doctors gave her a prognosis of between 20 and 40 days to recover from her injuries. The young woman provided the police with the nickname used on social networks by the attacker and a description of her, which allowed investigators to identify and arrest the alleged perpetrator, in execution of an order temporary custody in prison issued by the investigating judge of Pisa at the request of the Pisan public prosecutor's office.

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