3870 people, practically 5% of the population of Terni: many drivers from the Umbrian city managed to organize themselves via Telegram into a group, “tr checkpoints”, created with the aim of notifying each other of the places where patrols take place. A chat closed a few days ago by Digos investigators led by Marco Colurci. He was born before the pandemic, as Messenger, to warn you of police checks in town and avoid finding yourself facing a breathalyzer. And it quickly gained popularity thanks to word of mouth: it exploded in particular during confinement, since it made it possible to exchange advice on how to escape controls. Ending up including participants of all kinds, from esteemed professionals to drug dealers.

The surveys

For two months, the group's messages were monitored 24 hours a day. An exchange of information carried out in real time, which informed about the parking of police patrols (“Borgo Rivo police near the greengrocer”) and the time the road was open. free again from unwanted law enforcement reassured the participants of the group. The surveys were not simple: they were all protected by anonymity, and instead of telephone numbers, there were simple acronyms. Finally, the investigators managed to find the administrator of the chat: he is an Italian citizen, now denounced for having disrupted a public service. The chat was closed, however.

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