Between the Kitzbühel Alps and the Rofan peaks lies a small valley dotted with ten traditional Alpine villages. We are in the Alpbachtal, the most authentic heart of Austrian Tyrol, where the family finds many opportunities to have a pleasant time. active vacation tailor-made for every passion and every age.

Alpbach, the pearl of Alpine villages

A television poll voted him the most handsome alpine village from Austria in 1983. And traveling advertising Alpbach we understand why. Surrounded by the Kitzbühel Alps, it is an idyll of traditional wooden houses with balconies overflowing with flowers. An architectural uniformity which owes its style to the isolation from which it benefited (and suffered) until 1926, when it was connected to the valley by a road. And to keep its appearance intact, the mayor's ordinance also arrived in 1953, which established precise construction rules, which are still in force today.

The richness of history is immediately perceptible in more than twenty hereditary farms, characterized by the typical stone base and the wooden upper part, which have belonged to the same family for more than three centuries. The only concession to the contemporary is in the name of integration and this is called Alpbach Congress Center: a spiraling glass building which welcomes personalities from the scientific, political and cultural world every summer for the European Forum where current societal issues are debated.

Small but precious: the cultural treasures of the valley

It is reflected on the waters of the Inn River with its pastel-colored medieval facades, dominated by the Schlossberg mountain. Rattenberg it is the smallest town in Austria: 450 inhabitants spread over an area of ​​approximately ten hectares. Also known as the city of glass, it transmits know-how in glassworks and even offers the possibility of blowing glass balls by participating in workshop workshops.
Moving close to the Reintal bathing lake, a Kramsach, you take a 1.5 hour journey into the traditions of Tyrol. THE Tyrolean Farm Museum it is an open-air exhibition among 14 farms from the Tyrolean valleys, mills, sawmills and chapels to immerse yourself in the peasant past. Among the gems is the small farm school, where you can relive the lessons of the past. Every summer, the vast museum comes alive with folk festivals, artisan workshops and tastings.

And speaking of specialties, taste also finds its satisfaction in an alpine way with ancient recipes like Prügeltorte prepared as before Brandenberg. The secret of this singular skewer cakemade from butter, sugar, eggs and flour, is preserved by families who prepare it for festivals and ceremonies.

Alpbachtal, family fun

The Alpbach valley is above all a family pleasure. Just go up in altitude Wiedersberger horn to discover it, by entering the world of Lauser Country (land of brats). Forty outdoor play areas including treetop adventure courses, aquatic pools and inflatable cushions where you can jump at breakneck speed. To recover from activities, there are also shaded areas and hammocks to relax with a view.

It's right next Lauser-Sauser the alpine coaster with which you can accelerate up to 40 km/h between the curves of the 1.5 kilometer track with a height difference of 134 meters. Going up the Reither Kogel you will find it instead The enchanted forest of Juppi, a 2km stroller-friendly circular route with interactive play areas among enchanted trees and haunted swamps.

Excursions between gorges and peaks, for the more sporty

When the going gets tough, the tough put on their boots and start walking! Indeed, the Alpbach valley, in addition to family-sized plateaus and high-altitude playgrounds, offers excursions with a high level of adventure. It is three gorges Tiefenbach, Kaiser and Kundl, where you can explore steep and narrow paths that wind between ravines and rocks crossed by streams. Today we explore a wild place crossing bridges cooled by rushing waters, but once upon a time a practice as dangerous as it was spectacular took place here.

Logs weighing tons were transported downstream by the force of the current to then be marketed throughout Europe. Even Emperor Franz Joseph II came to witness these exploits. For those who prefer more peaceful walks, there are lakes like Zirein at the foot of the Rofan massif. Or the Gratlspitze mountain, at 1,899m above sea level, where you can reach the bench near the summit and be rewarded with spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

A map for a thousand adventures

A single night's stay at Valley accommodations is enough to give you free access to a world of adventure and attractions. This happens thanks toMap Alpbachtal, distributed to each guest from the first day, which includes the Wiedersbergerhornbahn cable cars, in Alpbach, with the Lauserland playground, and the Reitherkogelbahn, in Reith, with the enchanted forest of Juppi. And again the Markbachjochbahn, in Niederau, in the side valley of the Wildschönau, and the Schatzbergbahn, in Auffach, or the regional bus Regiobus Mittleres Unterinntal.

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To this is added the Juppi children's club, a full program of activities for children 5 times a week in July and August, as well as access to the bathing lakes and outdoor swimming pools in Münster and Brixlegg. With the card you also get free entry to the Tyrolean Farm Museum in Kramsach and the Augustinian Museum in Rattenberg, as well as daily excursions and guided tours. Without forgetting the discounts on the rental of electric bikes, boats, rafting trips and on purchases in sports and traditional village stores. Who said mountains were boring in summer?


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