After days of criticism and controversy, Fabio Rovazzi apologizes for the promotional video in which he stages the theft of his cell phone live on social networks. At least in part. Criticism of the singer came from all sides, starting with Internet users. But what particularly stung were those addressed to him today directly by the heavyweights of the city of Milan: first the city councilor and record vote holder for the Democratic Party Piefrancesco Maran, then the mayor Beppe Sala himself, who spoke of “arrogant” behavior over Rovazzi's role. Attacks which marked the 30-year-old Milanese who calls himself Fabio Piccolrovazzi. “In the last few hours, I found myself at the center of a media storm. Attacked by politicians and journalists who first used me to make news and then felt betrayed. But since I don't like to play the victim, I apologize for the embarrassment I unintentionally caused,” Rovazzi wrote on social media this evening. “It probably got a little out of hand,” admitted the singer, referring to the video which quickly turned out to be a publicity stunt to promote the new single with Il Pagante “But believe me, Milan is as close to my heart as it is to you”, assured Rovazzi, himself. saying “sorry and surprised” by the criticisms made against him by Sala Also because, recalled the singer with a touch of controversy, the mayor “helped himself as an actor in the promotional video for the launch of the Club's new album. Dogo, which among other things was magnificent, in which Milan is represented as Gotham City, the crime city par excellence, but no councilor threatened to sue him…”.

Sala's civic lesson

Sala had spoken today explicitly about Rovazzi's “arrogant behavior” with the fake smartphone theft scene. “Now, beyond Rovazzi, I believe we really need to think about the type of company we want – added Sala on the sidelines of the City Angels Champion award -. If we want a society in which those who have a minimum of visibility can afford not to respect the rules and where the other poor devils have to do so, that is not the society I want, the one I want to live in . A lot of noise for nothing? No, assures the mayor of Milan. “These things should not be underestimated, because I see there is a breakdown in civic behavior, which is obviously a risk to our community. What example do we give to our children? Be smart, stand out and be rewarded with fame and money? This is a very sad example.”

The diatribe on the “image damage” of Milan

However, for the moment, Sala has not considered filing a complaint against Rovazzi for damaging Milan's image, mentioned by advisor Maran: “I don't know, I haven't thought about it. First of all, I want to stigmatize and try to tell all citizens that this is not done. I hope that beyond the first moment, Rovazzi reconsiders his decision, because defending himself and bragging, almost acting cool, is really something that doesn't work. The idea of ​​the complaint launched by Maran actually infuriated Rovazzi: “Basically, however, I am very angry at the way in which this case has been exploited. Some have even gone so far as to speak of damage to the image of the city of Milan. But have you seen the live broadcast? I'm sitting at tables in a bar in an anonymous context, I never talk about Milan. I could have been anywhere, anywhere in Italy and in the world”, Rovazzi still asserts on social networks. Let's move on, at least on this point, to the counter-attack: “The crime-Milan link ?Perhaps it was a conditioned reflex because Milan are actually in a dire situation. This is certainly not an association attributable to my live broadcast in which Milan is never mentioned. the councilor who attacked him, bordering on irony: “I would like to point out that the attack on Maran is not part of the marketing strategies although the name of the councilor closely resembles the title of my new piece . Maranza, out at midnight.”

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