He felt short of breath, which is why he went to the emergency room not once, but twice in the span of 48 hours. But in both cases he was sent home. The symptoms reappeared in the following two days and when he realized that he really needed treatment, it was already too late: the man, 65 years old, from Povoletto (Udine), did not never made it to the hospital and died in the ambulance. To find out the causes of death, his wife and daughter filed a complaint. The Udine public prosecutor's office is now opening an investigation into manslaughter: investigators are targeting in particular two cardiologists and a local emergency room doctor. The Prosecutor's Office also ordered an autopsy, which was carried out this morning – April 30 – by forensic doctor Antonello Cirnelli. The examination confirmed that the death was due to a pulmonary embolism. Additional investigations must be completed within 90 days, aimed at establishing whether the pathology could have been identified during the two visits to the hospital. The suspects' experts also participated in today's examination.

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