The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, as widely predicted by bookmakerit's Nemo, competing for Switzerland with his The code. An avalanche of “twelve” records fell on this piece by the quality juries of the voting countries, not even one for our Angelina Mango, who closed the competition in seventh place but with the satisfaction of having brought back an excellent well – a deserved consensus. The one that has just ended is certainly one of the most discussed editions in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, the singing competition which has benefited more than any other from the globalization of the music market. In fact, it is indisputable that, until a few years ago, it was an event completely ignored by the general public. Today, especially through social networks, we follow each other in a balance between unbridled nationalism and television series intrigue. A series which this year was tinged with yellow between the political tensions in the Middle East which resulted in a lot of booing for Israel and the error of Rai which communicated the results of the vote at the end of the second half -final, revealing to the rest of Europe our preferences, a decision of which we will never know to what extent it influenced the votes of the other quality juries, putting, among other things, our Angelina Mango at risk of a sensational expulsion. The disqualification arrived for the Dutchman Joost Klein, reported by “a female member of the production team after an accident following his performance in the semi-final on Thursday evening”. Princess Victoria of Sweden opens the final evening of the 68th edition with a video message. But with zero media impact, not being the protagonist of any television series. But at the end of the performances, the moment to touch to show with holograms of ABBA, who, although absent, nevertheless gave the most vital performance of the evening.

Sweden opens its doors, more boos for Israel

The twins Markus and Martinus open this kind of international New Year's Eve, competing for the host country with Unforgettable. Pure pop from the end of the 80s, we thought we had freed ourselves from it and here we are again facing our ghosts. Thank you very much, note 5. Ukraine certainly brings one of the best musical proposals of this edition, Thérèse and Mariesung by Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil, is a dark and meaningful song, arranged in a modern way but without unnecessary excesses, ranked 7. The song sent from Germany is called Still on the run, is sung by Isaak and explores how we can escape our problems, a complex issue but changing the channel during his performance might help. Rating 4.5. A piece of Italy in competition with Luxembourg given that Fighterthe track sung by Tali, is also written and produced by our own Dario Faini, aka Dardust, who also contributed to Boredom of our Angelina Mango: he thus becomes the first author to put his signature on two Eurovision songs. These are satisfactions. The song features oriental notes in a cauldron of Central European pop, rated 5.5. The ballad of Eden Golan, Hurricane, competing for Israel, is undeniably of an excellent standard and she sings it imperturbably with poignant intensity, even in front of a wall of boos. It's because music brings people together, we repeat it these days in all possible languages. Fully agree. Rating: 7.5.

The legendary 5MIINUST x Puuluup and the ambiguous lyrics of the Spanish

The song presented in the competition by Lithuania, Hollowsung by Dons, winner of X factor – or the Lithuanian version of X factor – this is some psychedelic bullshit that compared Tony Tammaro to Tom Waits. Note: 3. Great controversy surrounding the text of Zora, a Spanish hit by husband and wife duo Nebulosa. Imagine Jalisse but blond and who did it. It seems that “Zorra” in Spanish slang isn't exactly flattery and Nebulosa plays on it, all right. But the most surprising thing is that no one has raised any controversy over the horror of the song, which is largely inspired by Cristina D'Avena's repertoire. And how dare they? Rating: 4.5. If it were up to us, 5MIINUST x Puuluup for theirs (nearest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi, a song that hits the mark, other than Eurovision: we would give him the Oscar, the Nobel Peace Prize, three Telegatti, fifteen Golden Tapirs and even the Italian Cup, for which I vote 8 to 'Estonia. The protagonist of this year's first semi-final was definitely Bambie Thug, we didn't like the dark arts references much and they sparked a lot of discussion, but after what we saw at X factor In all honesty, in recent years his performance has been like sweet water. And this one by the way Apocalyptic blue It's not the worst thing in the world. In a club, after several beers, it would even be tasty, it is not surprising that it finished so high in the ranking, therefore in 7th place. Sylvester Belt's performance, competing for Lithuania, went completely unnoticed. Her Luctelk it's a cheesy thing that doesn't break the screen: note 4.

Excellent Angelina Mango, harmless pop from Alexander

The race continues with Greece choosing to participate this year with Marina Satti and her team Zaria performance in pure TikTok style with an Arabic chorus and a very bubblegum look, something flattering and unbearable, rated 5. The performance of Olly Alexander, competing for the United Kingdom with his Dizzy, sung in a room that seems to be rocking, interesting but really nothing we haven't seen before after a few gin and tonics. The song itself seems to be one that the member of a successful boy band decides to debut on his own, convinced that he's going to rock the world, and instead we never see him again Never again. Rating 5.5. The Norwegian rock of Gåte is so sad that it Ulveham it is prohibited for those under 14, rating: 4. It is finally the turn of our Angelina Mango and, without any nationalism, she clearly seems the best. Everything goes well, the song works and it displays a simple and direct charisma. Boredom it's not boring, note: 8. Serbia passes without a trace with Teya Dora, from her Remonda it will only remain a hazy memory, one of those things that we don't know for sure whether it really happened or not. Rating: 4.5.

Excellent Armenia, well done Nemo, a force Windows95Man

Finally Finland time, Windows95Man with No rules! the performance is brilliant and seems to come from the mind of Wes Anderson, suddenly it seems that something is happening in this circus, rating: 7. Iolanda, competing for Portugal, is called the Cristiano Ronaldo of Portuguese music , probably by his aunt, because this Grito it's deadly boring. Rating 4.5. And here we are in Armenia with Ladaniva and his Jako, a song that basically says “Don't worry and dance”, the Armenian version of Where we dance by Dargen D'amico in practice. Super fun, authentic, without annoying pop Englishisms and winks, what beauty, rating: 8. We travel to the pop zone of the 2000s with Cipro and Silia Kapsis, the Australian they chose to represent. Sing Liarsstrong international colors, big dick but zero heart, rating: 6. The pop operetta, bordering on musical, from Switzerland with Nemo and his The code, then he actually made progress. The piece is complex but engaging and he performs it with great enthusiasm, rating: 8.

Lasagna Gasa Baby, Slimane tearing

Slovenia's performance, with Raiven, was also harmless Speedwell It's not convincing, on the contrary, it even makes us turn down the volume and shout “Ohhh, calm down! Slow down!”, rating: 4. The day before, the Baby Lasagna, which looks like an American order in a restaurant tourist of Piazza Navona, was considered one of the favorites for the final victory Indeed this. Tim Tagi Dim rim competing for Croatia is total musical nonsense which nevertheless captures, excites, exists, above all wakes us up and also makes the Malmö Arena explode. Rating: 7. Georgian Nutsa Buzaladze is included in the list of those competitors who remember our trips abroad, and for fun we turn on the local TV in the hotel and laugh at the shows. You don't need firefighters to put this one out Firefighterbecause it never turns on, vote: 4. France sends Slimane with My lovea sort of pop version of Do not leave me with a final explosion of Célin Dion which destroys our soul but which is very popular in the theater. Milk in the knees and extreme sentimentality, rating: 6.5. The microphone then passes into the hands of Austria, who with Kaleen makes the audience go wild singing We will delighta hymn to the feeling of freedom that we feel at raves and which does not convince: note 4.5.

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