Franco Di Mare's brother: “He died on Friday the 17th at 5:17 p.m. Rai turned its back on him”

Gino Di Mare, science journalist, is the younger brother of Franco Di Mare. The presenter died yesterday, three days after marrying Giulia Berdini. He suffered from mesothelioma and he revealed his last wish to his brother: “Before I fell asleep, he asked me 'Do you still want to take me to the beach?' Our sea is Posillipo, we were born there and spent our childhood. My grandfather Francesco Di Mare taught Franco to swim there, at Lido Ondina”, he says today in an interview with Republic. Then he adds that one way or another he will grant it: “Yes, in the next few days. But I don't know if we can spread his ashes, we will respect the legal requirements. »

The most delicate moment

According to his brother Franco Di Mare, he was “the most generous and gallant man I know in the world.” A noble heart. He taught me how to live. He never allowed anyone to pay for lunch, dinner or coffee. He did it with everyone he met. My brother was so respectable that he never allowed me to join Rai.” But he died angry with the company: “Absolutely yes. He was very angry. He was convinced that it was about 'an occupational illness. My brother was in Bosnia, in Kosovo, in Macedonia. Mesothelioma certainly did not bring him back home. He gave his life. for Rai.” And he adds: “He told me it was right that he go first. “Gino, you don’t have to be angry, I’m the eldest of four brothers. It’s good that I disappear before the others,” he told me. And then he always maintained the same thing: that there is nothing more democratic than an illness.”

At 5:17 p.m. on Friday the 17th

Gino says Franco “left without suffering, lucid. There is, however, one detail that does not get out of my head.” That is to say: “Franco died on Friday the 17th at 5:17 p.m. Someone could say to me “you are Neapolitan, you are superstitious”. Instead From this, I wonder how it is possible that my brother left on this date and at this time” Finally: “My brother had a fantastic life, he practiced the profession he loved, he traveled. the world. But he didn't get to see Antarctica. That's where he really wanted to travel, but unfortunately he couldn't.”

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