Amadeus is preparing the last live broadcast of Rai with the visit of Pope Francis to Verona, scheduled for Saturday May 18. Before the host's farewell in the direction of Nove, it will begin at 10 a.m. on Rai1 in front of the audience of the Verona Arena, where around 10 thousand people are expected. The “Arena di Pace 2024” program will continue until 11:30 a.m., broadcast in a special edition of Tg1 in collaboration with the Vatican Television Center. According to the program, after the first quarter of an hour, the Pope will speak and answer a series of questions on the theme “Justice and peace will embrace.” A connection with Israel and one with the West Bank are also planned.

Farewells planned for June 1st

Among the guests will be Ligabue. And a performance by the Arena Foundation with the lyrical talents Luca Salsi, Sara Cortolezzis, Riccardo Rodos, Cecilia Gasdia on the piano. Amadeus' last appearance on Rai is scheduled for June 1, when the episode that concludes the season of the quiz “Affari Tui” will be broadcast. This will be an opportunity for the former artistic director of Sanremo to greet the Rai audience before the new adventure on the Discovery platform.

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